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The origin of Valentine’s Day

Traditionally, the 14th of February we celebrate the day of the love. The origin of Valentine’s Day is an old tale and has different versions due to the passage of time. There are a few theories about who was the saint whose name the festivity finally adopted, but one of them stand out from the others.

It is said that Saint Valentine was a christian priest who lived in Rome in the times of Claudio II. In that age, the roman empire remained pagan although christianism grew its influence day by day.

The emperor thought that a soldier with no family would serve the empire way better. So he created a law which banned young people marriages. The young ones had to marry underground and Saint Valentine was the person who officiate those weddings. When this came up, the emperor ordered put the priest in jail.

The Saint Valentine’s jailor, the roman officer Asterius, wanted to prove the prisoner’s faith. He had a blind daughter and ask the priest to heal her. The girl recover the sense of sight thanks to Saint Valentine and the Lord’s grace. After this miracle, all the family of Asterius became christians but Saint Valentine was martyred and executed anyway the 14th of February of 270.

The celebration of the Valentine’s Day began around 498 AD. But in 1969, the festivity was erased from the catholic calendar because of its legendary story. Recently, in 2014, the Pope Francis supported Valentine’s Day to give the celebration the religious meaning.

Therefore, the famous thought that this was a festivity created by malls just to increase the sales is not completely right. The festivity was adopted by sellers to make more money and promote shopping.

In Spain, Galerias Preciados (a very famous mall in Madrid) was the first centre that start advertising Valentine’s Days in 1948. It was called Dia de los enamorados (Lover’s day). Since then, every couple in Spain celebrate 14th of February as a special day to express their love and exchange presents.

Regardless the tradition’s origin, this celebration means showing the love you feel for your beloved and it’s the perfect opportunity to prove it. Sandos Hotels & Resorts wants you to have everything you need to spend this day in the best way.

Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf, in Tenerife, offers several romantic packages for couples. You will have anything you need in this special day, such a bottle of cava or champagne, chocolates, roses or salt and oil kits according the package you prefer.

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On the other hand, Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort wants you to enjoy the best dishes in this day. For this reason it provides you with a lovers menu in its French restaurant and with live music to make your Valentine’s Day in Lanzarote unforgettable.

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