Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa pioneering Sustainability and eco-tourism in Mexico

Featuring its own established Eco Club with environmental conservation programs, interactive green programming for guests and several innovative sustainability initiatives, Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa, has become a leader in eco-tourism in Mexico.

Developments completed in 2011

In 2011, the eco-resort continued its leadership in the sustainability trend in Mexico when it introduced 99 eco-friendly rooms that reduce carbon emissions by 70% and became the first resort in Mexico to develop, build and utilize a golf cart that functions solely on solar energy. The new eco-rooms at Sandos Caracol contribute to the care and preservation of the environment though distinct functions including:

  • Ultra-efficient low energy air conditioning systems
  •  Solar water heating systems in place of gas water heaters
  • Water recycling systems
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Furniture made of wood from certified forests

Most recently, Sandos Caracol began operating a solar energy-powered golf cart developed and built specifically for the resort to transport guests around the resort. With a total of six solar panels, the solar energy transformed to run the golf cart prevents the emission of 1,686 tons of carbon dioxide per year and is equivalent to having planted 34 trees.

In December 2011, Sandos Caracol Eco-Resort & Spa launched the new “Xcalacoco Experience,” a unique program that allows guests to discover the Mayan culture in distinctive natural surroundings. At Sandos Caracol, Xcalacoco is a way of being, living and thinking, and the programming in the Xcalacoco Experience allows guests to live Xcalacoco. Activities include an eco tour and archaeology route on which guests can observe Mayan ruins, witness Mayan ceremonies, visit with a Mayan herbalist, help plant indigenous species significant to the Mayan culture, and participate in natural treatments and ancient rituals at the spa. Through adventures in nature and environmental activities, guests will learn to reconnect with nature, respect the planet and lead sustainable lives.

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