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Why guests keep coming back to Sandos Playacar

Posted on 5 m read

A group of strangers became a big family in Sandos Playacar, how often does that happen?

-Nick Poshusta-


They started as travelers who wanted to visit Mexico, then they met each other… then after more than seven trips together, a family was created at Sandos Playacar.

Sue and Nick Poshusta were looking to travel to the Riviera Maya, so their travel agent chose a good resort and they came. They met the General Manager of that hotel, Luis Ramirez, and when he decided to join Sandos Playacar, Sue and Nick followed him.  There, they met the Trunnels (who hadn’t gotten married just yet), and after that they made sure to meet more friends on every visit, falling even more in love with Sandos Playacar each time.



This last month, we were honored again with their visit, so we knew we needed to know more about this family (as they call themselves) of friends that is now formed by several couples: Landon, Terrina ,Ron LaRae, Claudio,  Debbi, Joe, Vicki  and Alan & MaryLyn  who are  a  canadian couple we didn’t get to meet (but their friends made sure we knew they were the nicest!)

Full of joy and great anecdotes, they told us all about their experience of reuniting every year at Sandos. For this interview, we’re just calling them “The Big Family”.



How did you choose Sandos Playacar in the first place?


TBF: Basically all of us were lucky that our travel agents suggested it! We saw the pictures and the beach was amazing, so there wasn’t much to think about. Of course you know the story of the Poshustas, but we are glad they come here now.



How is it that you know each other?


TBF: We met each other here and even when some of us have come for more than 10 years, and we have five trips already together. We all come from different places (Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Iowa, Ohio, even Canada), and we just get in touch, organize this trip as an annual thing now, and we come mostly during spring or summer. We are a great family now that catches up every year, and we love each other’s company.



What do you think is the reason you come back?


TBF: For sure the service! Some of us have been to other resorts in Mexico or the world, but none compared to this one. Everybody is so friendly, they care about you, and they go beyond your expectations to make you happy. In second place, we would say it’s the great beach and pools around the hotel. The ambience feels so good for couples and adults.

It is true that this is a kid-friendly resort, but as adults we get to feel relaxed!




In fact, we (the Trunells) were looking for an adults only resort as we were looking for a quiet place; our travel agent suggested this one, and because the pictures looked amazing, we picked Sandos Playacar, and we definitely got more than we expected. The adult pool and Select Club areas are amazing, and we also recommended it for families. It’s just really well divided, and everybody respects the sections properly.



Do you have any special memory or experience you would like to share with us?


TBF: Tons of them, but it’s more about people than a certain moment. That’s our highlight. If you go to the Italian restaurant you will meet Margarita, who is one of the best and warmest waitresses in the Riviera Maya. She will make sure the whole evening goes perfect and will always surprise you.



On the other hand, when you get to the Select Club pool bar, you will see David, who will know your favorite drink and will have it ready for you.  



Then Carlos and Luis are the kind of bartender who will make sure you are fine with a drink, never pushing for another one, but always with the best timing to serve you a refreshing mojito.



As we’ve said before, service is the reason we come back, and the personalized treatment makes us feel attached to this one-of-a-kind resort. And we can see this is a happy place to work, as we come every year and they are still here, working with passion.


Have you visited another Sandos?


TBF: Some of us have. We have gone for a day pass to Sandos Caracol as it is included when you book Sandos Playacar. We like it; it’s green, eco-friendly, and fun, but we definitely are staying in Playacar. Every hotel has its concept, and we just love the idea of beach and pools with our friends in Sandos Playacar.



We know we can visit Caracol anytime from 11 am to 11 pm, and it’s good to have the option. We’d probably like to visit the Teppanyaki restaurant for a change, they say it is really good.



What’s your favorite place at Sandos Playacar?



TBF: Select Club pool. It’s just amazingly relaxing and fun to enjoy the company of your friends and bartenders (who are also family)… David, Luis and Carlos are ready to begin a party all the time. And there’s time for everything! After reading a book in the morning, everybody enjoys a barbecue and starts meeting each other. Sandos Playacar is great because while families have their space, time and shows, you have an option if you do not want that much going on. But don’t get us wrong, we love kids, we just want to highlight how different types of travelers will enjoy and have their own space and activities.



What’s your favorite activity from the All-Playa Experience?


TBF: They are usually by the beach, so the Malibu day is awesome and listening to the live music is quite great.  We are not the kind of adventure beach type person, but we can see everybody has a great time with all the contests and activities they have.


We also enjoy the beach, it’s spectacular! We have done parasailing, snorkeling and well of course, some drinks by the beach. We must agree, the beach in Riviera Maya is great, but with its colors, sand, size and maintenance, the one in front of Sandos Playacar is ONE OF A KIND!



How would you describe your experience at Sandos Playacar?


We are a family without being brothers and sisters. This is a hotel from a country that is not ours, and still, we can describe this experience as the best family vacation in our home away from home.


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