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Why choose Los Cabos to travel in 2018?

Posted on 5 m read

There are thousands of reasons for you to visit Los Cabos, or maybe more! We chose our favorites so you can fall in love with Mexico through the stunning views of the Sea of Cortes, classic Mexican hospitality, and the authentic taste of local food. Keep reading and start living the best experience of your life at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos.


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Named an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO, Mexican cuisine is one of the country’s biggest treasures. Their pre-Hispanic ingredients like beans, corn and spices are loved by us and by every traveler who visits Mexico. Los Cabos in particular is known for its fresh seafood and lobsters. The flavors created by our chefs are truly exquisite, and the more you eat Mexican cuisine, the more you’ll be desiring to come back.


Beside the culinary experience, Los Cabos has the privilege of having important wine houses closeby. The Baja California Peninsula and the nearby state of Chihuahua are viewed as some of the most important wine-making regions in Latin America. Baja California is a “must” destination if you’re a wine-lover; on the other hand, if you’re not a wine expert yet, we guarantee that you’ll be intrigued after tasting a glass of wine from the nearby Guadalupe Valley.





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Don’t be afraid of the following weather description: arid zone. This type of climate is highly recommended for family vacations and events like weddings (our clifftop terrace weddings are especially magical). Our weather allows you to enjoy many sunny days and makes you want to dive into our refreshing pools. Cabo San Lucas has a huge advantage, located between two different seas, which gives the city an ideal temperature by the ocean. It’s also not too humid, which is a great thing for travelers with sensitive skin.



During the afternoons, the wind will hug you until you relax, inspiring you to admire the best marina view (which you can get from the terraces at Sandos Finisterra). We can’t deny that rain is important and that we will never have control over the weather; however, statistics show that we are the Mexico travel destination with the fewest rainy days during the year.


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Without a doubt our most beloved visitors are the whales that come each year to this destination. Every year from December to April, gray whales astound us with their presence just off the coast to complete their breeding cycle. Without destroying their habitat or interrupting such an important event, we can watch and learn from them. It’s quite an experience that’s impossible to put into words… when visiting in the winter months, you can feel their majesty during the breathtaking experience of having them so close.




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Every traveler has their own personality and lifestyle, and Los Cabos is fully prepared to satisfy each of them. Sandos Finisterra offers excursions that allow adventurous visitors to explore and that fill the heart of every traveler with pure adrenaline… The perfect place to surround yourself with energy and fun! Here, you can experience activities like sailing, catamarans, yachts, and jet skiing, or exploring the ocean while diving or snorkeling.




What makes Los Cabos so unique is the diversity of its ecosystems. On one side is the ocean, and on the other are the desert and mountain areas, where you can race around on ATVs to experience a whole other level of excitement. Mexican culture is known for providing the confidence you need to spend the day exploring, knowing that our experts will take care of you and keep you safe throughout your stay.


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We live through Latin music. Dancing to Mexican rhythms is what runs through our veins, and we will spread it to your heart. Downtown Cabo San Lucas and the Marina have spectacular nightlife, and you’ll be dancing until sunrise as you explore this area. It’s also easy to walk there from Sandos Finisterra, so don’t hesitate to go out one night or every night of your stay. Sandos Finisterra resort is just a 10-minute walk from Downtown and the Marina, so our guests are used to going out day or night in search of a party.




One of the city’s most popular nightclubs is called Cabo Wabo, a must-visit for American travelers, and it’s also becoming more and more famous among Latin and European tourists… this is truly a place where the whole world comes together!


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Thousands of couples travel to Mexico because of its colorful landscapes, the all inclusive resorts, and of course, the special amenities for those who are celebrating love.



Once again, Los Cabos tops other vacation destinations with a one-of-a-kind advantage: its sunsets. Feeling the ocean breeze while on a catamaran next to the love of your life allows you to experience the best part of being a newlywed: love has brought you here to the ocean, with the horizon before you, with a feeling that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.



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It’s not about showing off, but we love to make our guests really happy. You will always find a kind face nearby, from a waiter to a concierge. Our mission is to create unique memories for our guests, and hospitality is an integral part of Mexican culture. Mexico is recognized worldwide because of its union, affability and friendliness. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation where you’ll feel right at home, Mexico is the perfect country, and Los Cabos is one of the places where these details become even more noticeable.



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Nowadays, the internet has become a basic tool to search any topic we have in mind, and it has gotten us closer to any place we never thought we’d see. All we have to do is type our desired destination in to Google to find every single detail about the place, along with the opinion of travelers around the world.


Well, let’s just say we’re not the only ones trying to tell you that Cabo is the best and you’ll love coming to visit us!

This year, Los Cabos has received many awards and mentions from travel websites, travel experts, and influencers:

Of course we still have great projects and many adventures to explore, and you can’t miss them. In fact, we suggest that you search TripAdvisor, and better yet get on the Sandos Finisterra forum where travel experts and our service team will answer any questions you have about Los Cabos and the hotel.


After reading all of these reasons, what are you waiting for to book your next vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico? We hope to see you soon at Sandos Finisterra!

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