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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation at Sandos Playacar

Posted on 6 m read

It’s normal to have doubts when packing your suitcase for your Playa del Carmen vacation. But hey! It doesn’t have to turn into a big drama. I mean, just remember that you’re doing it so that you can kick back and truly relax when you get to Sandos.


Let’s begin by clarifying that every guest and traveler has different needs, so keep these points in mind before you pack for your trip to the Riviera Maya.



  • How long is this trip? (You can always do laundry if it’s longer.)
  • Are you going on an excursion outside the hotel?
  • Are you celebrating a special occasion on your trip?
  • Get rid of all your thoughts of “What if…” Be objective and assertive in your choices.
  • Don’t forget that there’s a gift shop at the hotel!




Now, once you’ve got an idea of what you’re going to be doing on vacation, we present to you our packing tips for traveling to Sandos Playacar in Playa del Carmen.




The city of Playa del Carmen has some of the most relaxed and flowy fashion in Mexico; in fact, almost everybody walks around in sandals or comfortable tennis shoes. Some tourists also choose to bring along some cute formal attire, which we love, and you’ll still fit right in.


For this part, we recommend you pack what makes you feel happy and attractive! But our general tips would be the following:


Dresses with lightweight fabric: As laid-back as it is, Sandos Playacar has a smart casual dress code for dinner. So yes, you’ll be able to wear that adorable beach dress to dinner (no wet clothes, though!) Honestly a lightweight dress is such a practical item because you can wear it over your bikini during the day, then accessorize it to transform it into a nighttime look.



Casual shorts: This is for the guys. Casual shorts are so breezy and comfortable, and it’s not something you can always wear back home. Enjoy Playa del Carmen’s warm weather and wear them proudly. Sandos Playacar has a dress code where we allow bermuda shorts at every restaurant.



Bikinis and swimsuits: Yay! Your first time breaking out your swimsuits since last summer! Our recommendation is to bring up to three swimwear items if you’re here for a week. Girls, we especially recommend reversible swimsuits or mix-and-match bikinis so you can create a new look every day without overpacking. We know that we all love to wear different bikinis on Facebook and Instagram, but if you choose only the best pictures, no one needs to know that you repeated. (But then again, vacation is also a great time to forget about social media and just have some fun in the ocean.)




WARNING! You are traveling to a Caribbean destination. The potential for local fashion is huge, so instead of wearing something you can find anytime at home, why not do some local shopping to find something unique? When packing, you might want to save some space in your suitcase to bring home a little Mexican fashion from your vacation.




Let’s remember our previous advice to get rid of “What if…” while packing. Usually when it comes to that situation you only imagined but didn’t plan on prior to your arrival at our all inclusive hotel, it won’t happen, and even if it does, the hotel’s gift shop will save you.


Our shoe recommendations for your trip to Playa del Carmen, especially if you’re staying at Sandos Playacar, are:


Sandals: You’ll want beach sandals as well as dress sandals, for men and for women.

During the day, you can walk all over the resort and the beach in your favorite flip flops. In the evening, you’ll need to change into some dressier sandals to pair with a dress or shorts to wear to the à la carte restaurants.



High heels and close-toed shoes: Honestly, this only applies if you already know you’ll be visiting a formal restaurant on Fifth Avenue in the city of Playa del Carmen. If not, you can skip these items to save a lot of space in your suitcase.


Water shoes: Playacar has a very beautiful beach. The water is so clear that you’ll be blown away, but of course it’s a natural environment, so you might find some rocks, plants or sea grass that you’re not comfortable with. This also applies if you’ll be visiting any cenotes or doing any of the water activities at our sister hotel Sandos Caracol. Water shoes will help you to protect your feet while you explore new places.



Comfortable tennis shoes or trekking shoes: You’ll only need to pack these shoes if you’re planning to use them when visiting Chichen Itza or any other archaeological site…. or if you’re ready to try out our new gym and training program! Don’t look at it like a regular workout – we’ve transformed it into a healthy and improved vacation fitness experience.



Ok, at the beach these are more than just accessories… they’re a necessity! So we urge you to bring these items with you or get them as soon as you arrive to the hotel.


Sunglasses: Even for your kids. The Caribbean water at our beach is so bright and clear that even the reflection of the sunshine might be a little too much for you. Choose the coolest and trendiest shades you can find, because we can assure you that they’ll be in every picture you take.



Sunscreen: If you can bring SPF 50, even better. Make sure it’s good for your skin, and especially make sure that the ingredients are organic and biodegradable (because it’s better for the environment). Even if you’re looking to get that perfect tan, we always recommend that you protect your skin. The UV rays in this region will affect you more than you think if you’re not used to this weather. To pick the perfect kind for you, you can click here and read more about sunscreens.



Light hat or cap:  Trendy and practical, both items can be used for every member of the family. They look good in pics and they’re even better at keeping the sun off!  A plus if you’re in a beach mood and want to hide your hair (which also needs to be protected from too much sun exposure).



A cotton beach bag: It may sound like it’s just for women, but a good beach bag is very practical and lets you carry all your beach essentials quite easily, plus it’s easy to fold and take in your suitcase.



Snorkel device: Our ocean is stunning, and you’ll love to swim and explore in it all day long. Coral reef lovers can even take snorkeling tours to areas further out, but you can also just swim by Sandos Playacar’s beach every day and enjoy what the sea has to offer you. We recommend bringing your own snorkel equipment you so you can feel free to do it any time, or you can use our snorkel equipment for free for up to one hour per day.



Life vest: This item is really practical if you are traveling with kids; this way, they’ll feel safer (and you will, too!) when they’re playing in the pool or on the beach.


Metal straws and mugs: Traveling to a destination as famous as Playa del Carmen has awakened environmental awareness throughout the entire state. This is why Sandos resorts don’t use straws, and our cups and glasses are all reusable. Of course we understand this might be new to you, so we invite you to bring your own metal straws so you can enjoy your vacation responsibly without harming the environment.


Microfiber towel: We know we’ve said this at least twice, but here it goes again: Bring only what you need! So this particular item applies only if you know you’ll be leaving the hotel for a tour (towels are included at Sandos). Microfiber towels are so compact and practical that you’ll have space to pack more than one.


**The entire “Accessories” section (except for the cups and reusable straws) can be found at the hotel gift shop, located next to the Cupcake Café at the hotel’s Gran Plaza area.



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