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What Makes the Beach at Sandos Caracol so Unique?

Posted on 3 m read

Some people who have stayed with us have wondered why our beach is different from others, such as the one at Sandos Playacar, for example.

Although it’s true that we share the same sea with other nearby hotels and beach clubs, the ecosystem that we find at Sandos Caracol area is something truly different… and it has to do with our personality, our sustainability, and our commitment to the environment.


Even though sliding on your water shoes isn’t quite as easy as just kicking off your sandals and feeling your toes in the sand, we want you to know that at Sandos Caracol, from the bottom of our eco resort heart, we want to promote sustainable tourism, and we couldn’t do so without living in harmony with nature. Several years ago, we decided we wanted to make a difference and prove that resorts can make an effort to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

The first thing to keep in mind is how Sandos Caracol was built. Since our construction takes up less than a third of the land on which we’re located, you’ll find all kinds of animals like amphibians, birds, fish and reptiles still living within the resort. They’re our Playa del Carmen hosts!

In addition, this region has very special half-jungle half-mangrove surroundings, creating an ecosystem that includes underground rivers and cenotes that pass through the mangrove before reaching the ocean and feeding the reef.

Los manglares estabilizan las líneas costeras y previene la erosión provocada por las olas y tormentas.
Mangroves stabilize coastal lines and prevent erosion caused by waves and storms.

One of the main (but not the only) reasons why local reefs are destroyed is precisely because the mangrove around them is knocked down, which causes an imbalance in the nutrients that reach the sea, so reefs can’t be kept alive and healthy. Added to this is furtive fishing, high temperatures and deoxygenation of the sea.

This is precisely why we remain committed to our ecosystem; not only is it fascinating, it’s also beautiful.

We try to keep the beach in its natural state precisely to protect it from erosion. If we were to carry out practices like dynamiting the rocks to have a flat beach full of sand, where nature didn’t want it that way, we certainly couldn’t be called an eco resort.

¿Sabías que recientemente obtuvimos un año más la certificación RainForest Alliance, entre cuyos parámetros de evaluación están los factores sociales, ambientales y culturales?
Did you know that we recently got our Rainforest Alliance certification for yet another year? This certification is based on a strict evaluation of our social, environmental and cultural factors.





Next, you’ll be asking yourself how it’s possible to enjoy a beach as unique as the one at Sandos Caracol. It’s as easy as opening your eyes to nature and seeing it shine in all its splendor. To truly appreciate the views, we recommend doing a little morning meditation before venturing into any other activity.

meditar jaja

Because of our rocks and ridges, we’re the perfect place for Caribbean fish to feel right at home and swim freely, so all you have to do is put on your snorkel mask and enjoy the wonderful underwater world. Just remember to try not to touch the fish! They can get scared and swim away.

By Kelly De Swert
By Kelly De Swert

In addition to swimming and relaxing, you can also take part in water sports like kayaking and sailing, or maybe even practice a little beach volleyball (and compete against our managers every Monday!)

Por Jace Garcia
By Jace Garcia

So…have you been to Sandos Caracol? What do you like most about this type of beach?

Por Pat Sir
By Pat Sir

You can read more about Sandos Hotels & Resorts as a company and about Sandos Caracol as an eco resort right here.

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