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Travel to Spain in a group

Posted on 3 m read

Do you know exactly how to organize your group trip to Costa Blanca?

Plan your holidays in detail

Vista aérea costa de Benidorm
Aerial view of Costa Blanca, Benidorm

Enjoy the best experience in an environment full of emotion, adventure, and parties and relaxation with Sandos Monaco.

When the time comes to organize your group trip to Spain, you should take into account the essentials for your trip and ensure the best company, think about the best plans, and choose a destination with good weather, like Benidorm. That is why at Sandos Hotels, we take you on a journey to define the details. Enjoy the best group entertainment with all of these tips!

Be digital, be engaged!

First of all, go to Sandos Monaco on your mobile device and add it to the home screen, that way the fav icon appears for quick access. Analyze prices and dates, join the Sandos4u club for news and discounts, and, finally, book. Take advantage of the full potential of the trip. Also, prepare your megapixels to capture and share the essence of each moment.


Every adventure starts somewhere, both Jon Snow and Rick Grimes would need the best base of operations and the best environment to define their experience. Well, that place can be the Sandos Monaco hotel, with Bar Montecarlo, Buffet Fontvieille, Bar Metropole, Khas Mahal, or the Select Club. Our areas include wide spaces, terraces, a swimming pool, and the best Spa in Spain, a place where you can recharge your batteries and feel amazing. If you want entertainment without leaving the hotel, at Sandos Monaco, we have shows and musical performances as well as games with which you will have guaranteed fun.

Emotion and People

Benidorm is known as the New York of the Mediterranean for its skyscrapers and more than 400,000 inhabitants during the summer. It is a multicultural destination where people, culture, and the same denominator converge, to have fun. That is why it offers a network of services and entertainment perfectly connected, from the beach to the hotel, through pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, theme parks, water parks, discos, and much more.

Adventure and Adventures

As a first option, it is recommended to explore active sport options. For example, you can choose between hiking, mountain biking, paintball, 4×4 routes, paragliding, climbing, high ropes, and other more traditional sports options. There is also the possibility of a jeep tour, karting, diving, snorkeling, or escape room. You have to be determined and dare to experience new sensations, individually or in groups. See details in Visit Benidorm.

Adventure in Benidorm

Parties and Leisure

Yes now! After taking advantage of the day, it is time to take another course, prepare for the club atmosphere, or simply enjoy the night in Benidorm. From Sandos Monaco, the Levante Beach and the establishments in the area are recommended for dinner or a drink. It is also interesting to go to the historic center to have a snack in the Basque area, where you can taste pintxos and dishes from the north. After this, you can wander through the different pubs in the area. As a “final point,” you can go to the disco area or stay in the establishments of the Levante Beach. If Benidorm is known for something, it is for the multiple, and varied entertainment offers it has.

Relax and Rest

It is essential to integrate rest and relaxation into the vacation experience so that you can make the most of your trip. For this reason, it is fortunate to be at Sandos Monaco with one of the best Spas in Benidorm. You can also book beauty treatments or massages to relax your body and mind. In addition, the catering offer and the treatment received will complete the experience and position it at the desired level.

Relaxing couples therapy at Sandos Monaco Spa

Take advantage of our Wellness promotion by booking on our website or calling the call center with the promotion code RELAX06 and get a 25-minute massage per person per stay at no additional cost. In addition, you will receive a bottle of cava in your room upon arrival. Now yes, you will make your stay a complete experience.

And finally, at Sandos Monaco, we offer you a promotion to personalize your group experience, but only you define the details of the experience!

Surely by now you have convinced yourself that Benidorm and Costa Blanca is the best option for group travel to Spain, so…

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