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Time to help with Sandos Foundation

Posted on 3 m read

Today we are excited, proud, and more committed than ever to announce that Sandos Foundation has officially reached the hearts of all and is being launched as the altruistic project of our hotels with the mission to stand out and join efforts in the welfare of the community and in the environment.




We all know Sandos and the commitment it has to change the hotel industry by being a hotel that changes the planet and the way of traveling. Sandos hotels differentiate itself by having  a wide range of hotels and resorts ranging all the way from an eco-resort to a hotel in the mountains. Sandos as well always has new concepts, practices, and habits that have been implemented so that travelers and locals fall in love with the world and the culture that surrounds us.

As a result of this, Sandos seeks to teach, help, and instruct its employees to improve everything around us together. Together they make a difference with health fairs, environmental education in beach cleanups, recycling competitions, and a lot of heart. All together Sandos begins to open their eyes to sustainability.



With photographs, emotional videos, and dozens of volunteers throughout the theater in Sandos Caracol, on March 28, Sandos Foundation said: We have arrived, we are here to stay, and we are going to add to the world.

Sandos Caracol, home of ecology and good habits in community and environment, opened the doors to hundreds of workers, civil associations and volunteers, who up to today have continuously done an unbelievable and outstanding job for the world in many different ways.



All of the Civil and Volunteer employees arrived to find the theater full of photographs alluding to the new tour of Seek & Go, Xyaat cooperative and Sandos Hotels. A tactic to represent for all of us just how important the community is and how much fun it will be to know how a truly authentic Mayan person lives.



We also found Mexican and vegan food, and what do you think? Everything was delicious.



And while having a taste of the Mexican essence and healthy atmosphere, the Manager of the Sandos Foundation Ismerai explained all of the details of the project to release any doubts that begin to exist in this project.

At 10 o’clock the lights went out to receive the Director of State Secretary of Social Development and the directors of the hotels. The presentation was made within the framework of a covenant that conceptualizes everything in a Sandos Foundation Goal: to help the community through reusing and recycling, as well as giving environmental education.


Don Crecencio, a Mayan icon of the peninsula, blessed everyone to emotionally close the ceremony.





Currently, the Sandos Foundation helps three areas:

The community, through programs such as Pack for a Purpose where the foundation helps children in towns by bringing them clothes, school supplies, and toys.




The employees, the Sandos foundation believes strongly in the phrase: Growing does not mean to stop doing, therefore this year the Foundation will focus a lot on environmental education and caring of the body for the employees. Do not you think it’s magnificent?



Last but not least, and perhaps the most IMPORTANT, The Environment. With cleaning brigades to areas such as the Sian Kaan Biosphere, Sandos Foundation is committed to helping the planet, and we are looking for whoever wants to do it with us, locals and travelers: We are waiting for you!


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