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Things to Do In Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Spain

Posted on 5 m read
Things to do in Playa Blanca

Have you been preparing for your next vacation but still are unsure of where to go? Well, we have the ideal destination for you. Due to its incredible weather and unique volcanic surroundings, Lanzarote is one of the most unique vacation hotspots. In this blog, we will tell you about the different things you will be able to do in Playa Blanca, for both fun and relaxation. 

Playa Blanca is one of the most popular areas for travelers visiting Lanzarote. Luckily, our hotels are strategically located in this area, allowing guests to explore everything that makes this island amazing. Sandos Papagayo and Sandos Atlantic Gardens boast different accommodation options such as all-inclusive, full board, half board, and bed & breakfast, depending on what suits each traveler’s needs.

Things to do in Playa Blanca, Where to stay

 If you are in search of an adults-only getaway, Sandos Atlantic Gardens is the ideal hotel for you. During your stay, you have the special opportunity to indulge in the Ocean & Volcano experience. This program will allow you to discover the Red Mountain and the local gastronomy while you rediscover yourself through holistic activities. 

If you are looking to spend some much-needed relaxation time through a vacation designed for all ages and types of travelers, such as a family, friends, or a couple, Sandos Papagayo is the right place for you. There you can uncover the Nature Experience, with which you will learn about the secrets of the Ajaches Natural Park and the local gastronomy. In addition, we offer special activities for those traveling with children alongside a kids club where kids will be able to have fun with those their age, and the parents will be able to indulge in the amenities available for them. 

Now that you know where to stay on your next getaway, here are a few things to do in Playa Blanca; Excursions, sports, gastronomy, and relaxation. 

Playa Blanca Day Trips

One of the many advantages of Lanzarote is the close proximity to all of the interesting places you can visit where only a day is needed to discover some of the island’s hidden secrets. Here are a few of the most famous and spectacular places on the island; however, remember that so much more is waiting to be visited in Lanzarote. 

Things to do in Playa Blanca

Timanfaya National Park:

One of the stops that you cannot miss! This national park was formed due to the different volcanic eruptions that occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries, shaping a surreal volcanic landscape. In addition to the volcanic landscape, the minimal amounts of vegetation found there resemble a barren land, making travelers feel like they are walking on the Moon. The park will allow you to partake in various activities such as a camel ride, receive information on the Fire Mountains, enter the visitor center to learn more about the area’s history, and take a walk along the trails. 

Things to do in Playa Blanca Los Hervideros:

Simply described as a wonder of nature. Los Hervideros are rock formations and holes that the erosion of the sea has created. When the sea is very rough, this experience is even more exhilarating because the water will jump up through the holes more rapidly.  

The Cueva de Los Verdes:

A volcanic formation derived from the lava flows that remained in the interior part of the earth. Following the end of volcanic activity, once the lava was spouted out in the sea, the remains were grand lava tubes that resembled serpentine shapes. They are accessible for visits and give those who do venture an incredible look into the island of Lanzarote. 

La Isla de la Graciosa:

While this location isn’t on Lanzarote, it is the neighboring island that is perfect for a day trip, guaranteed to leave you amazed. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you a bit more down below, so make sure to keep reading! 

In addition, by staying in our hotels, you can explore the Red Mountain and the Ajaches Natural Park through different activities as part of our activity programs. 

Things to do in Playa Blanca

Water Activities 

Do you prefer the water over land? Then you are going to love visiting Lanzarote; there are a wide array of water sports and activities to partake in during your vacation. Of course, one of the most popular excursions is diving, as the highly protected island is home to a variety of beautiful untouched flora and fauna. Also, suppose you decided to go on a day trip to La Graciosa. In that case, the biodiversity is extraordinary, allowing for the opportunity to witness different marine animals, unlike any other underwater location. 

If you love to go diving, there is no better company to go with than the Marina Rubicon to the well-known Museo Atlántico by artist Jason Decaires Taylor. It is the first underwater museum in Europe and an attraction for lovers of marine biodiversity. If you want to learn more about this diving spot, check out our blog about Diving at the Museo Atlántico. As an added bonus for those staying at Sandos Papagayo, this excursion leaves directly from the hotel since the museum is right in front. 

Things to do in Playa Blanca

Other things you can do in Playa Blanca if water sports are your calling include: Jet skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boating, parasailing, flyboarding and more.

Therefore, if you want to have fun in the water, you can do it without problems during your time at Playa Blanca.


There is nothing like putting a cherry on top of a getaway than a relaxing visit to a gorgeous beach! Here is a small breakdown of the best beaches on Lanzarote; however, if you want to learn a bit more, read our blog about the Best Beaches in Lanzarote

On the island, you will be able to explore beaches of golden, white, and even black sand due to the volcanic components of the island. You can also visit one of the most desirable beaches in Spain, according to National Geographic, Playa del Papagayo, situated within the Ajaches Natural Park. From Sandos Papagayo, you can reach this beach on foot after a short walk. This mini excursion is included in your stay and is definitely worth it.

Suppose you want something that is a little bit closer to the urban area of the island. In that case, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen are situated near the center of a small city where travelers can enjoy shopping, savory foods, and delicious drinks apart from laying underneath the warm sun on an amazing beach. 

 Lanzarote has a wide variety of beaches that adapt perfectly to your needs; you can access beaches after a short walk, access others directly from the city, or park very close. We recommend that you plan your route before leaving the hotel so you can enjoy more than one of these amazing beaches while remembering not to leave out seeing one of the few black sand beaches in the world. 

Things to do in Playa Blanca, Discover more

We hope you now have an idea of what to do and expect in Playa Blanca! Don’t miss out on anything by reading some of our other blogs about this stunning and adventure-filled island! 

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