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Year of the Horse Year of Adventure

Posted on 1 m read

Year Of The Horse

Tomorrow marks the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2014, and people across China are gearing up for 15 days of festivities by buying fireworks, beautifully designed red envelops (for gifting money), and new clothes to begin the year with a fresh start.

Every year in China is characterized by a different animal, with a total of 12 animals rotating through each 12-year period. Beginning January 31, 2014, we will be in The Year of the Horse. Horse years are predicted to be ideal for travel, adventure, and even romance, just what you might expect from an animal that loves to explore and roam as much as the horse.

year of the horse

This Year of the Horse, we await you with open arms at Sandos to make all your travel and adventure dreams come true, with destinations in Mexico …and Spain!

Sandos Hotels & Resorts wishes you all an adventurous Year of the Horse!


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