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The Wonders of Turtle Hatching in Los Cabos

Posted on 4 m read

In our wonderful world, we all have the chance to experience new and exciting things, and with Sandos, you can experience so much more. One of the amazing things that all Sandos locations hold is the opportunity to see firsthand extraordinary moments. One of those being the hatching and release of turtle eggs. Turtle hatching in Los Cabos is a moment nature and animal enthusiasts from around the world inspire to be a part of, and you can too!

Turtles are incredible creatures that explore the seas both along the pacific coast and the Caribbean coast, but there is nothing quite like the hatchings that happen near Los Cabos. What if we told you that you could see for yourself the process in which turtles make their way to the ocean AND stay in an amazing all-inclusive hotel? Well, at Sandos, everything is possible!

The Baby Turtle Hatching Season


Unfortunately, the beautiful moment that is the laying and hatching of turtles doesn’t happen all throughout the year. More intelligent than most people think, turtles carefully navigate the time to lay their eggs due to a wide array of different factors. 

Though the nesting season can vary every year and is different between sea turtle species, usually Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Leatherback, Green and Olive Ridley turtles venture to the warm waters of Baja California Sur between the months of August and December. During these times, you can see female turtles digging their nests on the beaches of Los Cabos. 

What You Can Do


Experiencing this incredible moment is something that many travelers dream of being a part of, but little know that it is possible. Due to the regulations that tourists must follow to ensure the health and safety of the turtles, the interaction you have with them may be limited, but there are a few special things that you can do and witness. 

Baby sea turtles are gentle and special creatures; that is why every measure is taken to protect them. But in Los Cabos, you can follow the process of them hatching and making their way to the Pacific Ocean, and you can even help them get there! That’s right; in Los Cabos, there are programs that can give you the opportunity to safely release the babies to the sea! Incredible, right?

Fun Facts about Turtle Hatching in Los Cabos

The hatching of new baby sea turtles is wondrous in and of itself, but there are some things that not everybody knows about this special occasion. So here are some Sandos fun facts about sea turtle hatchlings: 

Time Period

Just like humans, the time a baby sea turtle takes to hatch can vary. Usually, Sea turtles take anywhere from 45 to 70 days to hatch, but the average being around 60 days. 


It is absolutely incredible the influence that weather and climate can have on the gender of a live being. The gender of turtles can heavily depend on the environment they are born in, warmer locations produce more female offspring, while colder locations can influence more males. 

Sea Turtle Nests 

During turtle hatching in Los Cabos, mama turtles dig holes in the beaches of Los Cabos to lay over 100 eggs inside them. Wow! 

Sea Turtle Protection Status

Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Leatherback, Green, and Olive Ridley turtles are all endangered, so the protection of the babies is essential to their species. That is why during the hatching season, tourists and organizations from around the world help protect them from natural predators and environmental conditions. 

Baby Sea Turtle Hatching at Sandos 


Experiencing this wondrous moment in Los Cabos is something that so many travelers dream of, and finding the perfect place to stay while you enjoy these fascinating times is of great importance! 

Sandos Finisterra is a hotel located extremely close to beaches where many sea turtle eggs are laid. Here you are able to enjoy high-class amenities and services while also having the opportunity to easily venture and witness these incredible moments. Also, at Sandos, we care about the environment, and we are strongly dedicated to the care and development of the fauna and flora in the world. So at Sandos, not only will you have opportunities to see and care about everything natural, but you will have our full support. 


At Sandos, we want to offer you as many opportunities to see the wonders of our incredible world as possible. At Sandos, providing the experience of sea turtles is something we strive for, but also, the protection of sea turtles is something we are very passionate about. You can see here the actions we personally take to ensure the safety of these incredible creatures! 

Wherever you are, and whoever you are with, you can experience everything you are passionate about with Sandos. Don’t miss out on the wonders of our incredible locations and book now so that you can see the wonders of turtle hatching in Los Cabos while staying in an unforgettable place. 

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