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The Ultimate Eco Resort Waterpark

Posted on 3 m read

Waterslides, every kid’s dream…. Wait, no, EVERYONE’S dream! We have to admit that the thrill and fun of waterslide are something that we all enjoy! The feeling of rushing down the refreshing water is often deemed uncomparable. As we grow older, waterparks are often said to be for young children, but why can’t it be for both?


Situated within the magical jungle of the Riviera Maya, at Sandos Caracol, lays a waterpark unlike any other. With a total of 29-waterslides, this waterpark is perfect for every age of guest who loves to adventure among the water! Guests can ride down the slides while monkeys swing directly by in the jungle!

Let’s take a journey through the waterpark and the best slides for every age….



First things first…… Kids Slide Area


Do you remember when you were a kid how you arrived at a ride, whether it be at a water park or amusement park, and you were so excited to experience the attraction, but you were told you were too small, yeah, we know the feeling too! Luckily for your little ones, there is an area dedicated to your smallest so that they can enjoy the fun in the sun and water without anybody telling them they can’t! Our small kid’s area boasts an area where they can zip down small slides and enjoy games and activities in the same area, while parents can participate in the fun or keep a close eye on them from the relaxing pool chairs, sounds great right?

For a little more thrill


Though they may not be the grandest waterslides, they do provide a bit more excitement than the kid’s area! With a total of 5 slides, older children can take a step out of the kiddy pool and enjoy something a bit more thrilling at the medium size water slides! Designed for those kids in the middle between small and big, these slides are still full of fun and new adventures!

The Best For Last


Whether you are an adventurous teenager or an adult wanting to dive into the fun and excitement of the waterslides, guests can experience 7 slides of thrill! Ranging from slides where you can race your siblings or friends, escape the sun through the tunnel slide, or even ride down the rapid waters on top of a donut tube, this area of grand waterslides delivers the ultimate feeling of adventure!

Down to the basics


If you may be wondering, yes, the aquapark is open for all guests to enjoy, part of the all inclusive plan… we don’t know if it could get any better! The park is open from 9 am -6 pm, with the waterslides open from 10 am – 5 pm every day! Due to it being a family-friendly area, Sandos Caracol asks guests to keep the area smoke and alcohol-free, so that everyone can enjoy this incredible waterpark to the maximum!

Everyone deserves to enjoy every part of their vacation, and with the incredible waterpark at Sandos Caracol, no imagination goes unwelcome, and no guest is bored! So, on your next vacation, think about all of the different fun you can have at this unique waterpark in the heart of the Riviera Maya Jungle!


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