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The Best Tour Agency in Mexico: Seek & Go

Posted on 7 m read

Do you want to travel? If yes, you need to know the best places to go and the places to be. In paradise there seems like there are so many options to choose from… but what are you going to do during your next vacation? 

Is it gonna be ziplining through the jungle, relaxing on the beach, or soaring through the air across the grand ocean? We have the best option in Mexico, waiting for your next adventure. 

What is Seek & Go 

Seek & Go is a tour agency that offers incredible excursions. The best thing is, you can book directly with Sandos. No matter what kind of excursion you are looking for, they have it. All you need to do is go with them, choose the adventure of your dreams, and take a lot of photos…. trust us; you are going to want to remember it. 

Cultural Tours 

The Riviera Maya was once home to a great kingdom, and luckily, their culture has been preserved through generations, ruins, cenotes, and stories. Are you ready to take a journey into the past and get to know one of the things that make the Riviera Maya incredible? 


Tulum is known for its great Mayan Ruins, but what if you could get to know them AND where they used to do some of their main rituals? Walk in the footsteps of the Mayan people, priests, and royalty through the ancient city of Tulum and an underground cavern? 

Did you know that cenotes were used for celebrations, rituals, and spiritual sacrifices? Incredible right! Travel through the city, underground cavern, and cenote with a guide that vividly tells stories of the ancient past. 


Tucked away in the lush Riviera Maya jungles is one of the best-kept secrets in the Mayan world; Ek Balam. Get to know the Mayan culture in one of the best-preserved Mayan Ruins in Mexico through a guided tour. 

In these ruins, you can discover majestic structures and glyphs, but the most exciting part is the climb of the acropolis. The acropolis is the last resting place of King Ukit Kan Lek Tok. Get to know the ruins with a guided tour, and then have plenty of free time to explore this extraordinary place on your own. 


In a full one-day tour you can visit the ancient cities of Tulum and Coba. Walk through the ruins of Cabo and the walled city of Tulum and be in awe of its rich culture. After some time in the ruins, you will have the opportunity to make a cultural stop in an authentic Mayan Villa. 

Here you will be taught about how Mayans use the land to live and grow. Get to know medicinal plants, how to make tortillas, and about their customs. After some time swimming through a cenote, you will get to enjoy a delicious buffet of food typical from the region. If you are looking for a true cultural experience like no other, then get close with Seek & Go and book it during your next vacation! 


Is your vacation in Mexico complete without Tacos? Eat all of the best tacos in Mexican history with this multi-stop taco adventure. Each taco is traditional and made with original recipes dripping with both flavor and history. 


  • Guided around a local fruit and vegetable market
  • Yucatan style taco with local slow-cooked pork (cochinita pibil) and slow-cooked lamb stop (Barbacoa) with tortilla and salsa making. Pulque tasting.
  • Al pastor spit-roasted pork stop, Mexican style.
  • Van takes you to the next stop.
  • Sirloin steak taco stop.
  • Dessert stop.
  • 1 hour free to enjoy the famous 5th avenue for shopping 
  • Transport back to hotel 

Adventure Tours 

Thrill and excitement are 2 ingredients that need to be a part of your vacation. Whether it be with family or friends, Mexico has so many adventures for every age of traveler. Here are some of the most exciting adventure tours in Mexico: 


Freedom begins here. If you are looking for excitement, this is where it begins. EXPLOR is one of the most famous adventure parks in the Riviera Maya, and it does not disappoint. What can you do? 

  • Go on the zip lines 
  • Swim in a cenote
  • Ride through the jungle on an ATV 
  • Relax in nature 

These are just a few of the incredible things you can do. EXPLOR is the perfect adventure tour for the entire family. Are you ready to experience the true Riviera Maya?


This is one of the newest adventure parks to be welcomed into the Riviera Maya, and it is absolutely incredible. XAVAGE adventure park mixes water, air, and land activities for a day full of unimaginable fun. 

Whether it’s running through the air across a rope circuit, zooming down white-water rapids in a jet boat, or driving through an obstacle course in an all-terrain ATV, fun is around every corner. Though this park is designed more for adult adventure-seekers, there is also an area designed specifically for the little ones! 


Whale sharks are one of the biggest animals in the world. But, they are not dangerous at all. They only eat small shrimp, fish, and plankton; swimming with them is one of the best adventures in the world. 

Swim alongside 10-meter sharks with trained expert guides! In the warm Caribbean waters, you will be absolutely taken back by these grand and friendly creatures. Get up close with them in their natural habitat with Seek & Go. 


whale watching los cabos

Between January and March, Grey and Humpback whales arrive in Los Cabos. These beautiful creatures put on a huge performance for those watching, whether it be from the shore or directly on the water. 

By booking with Seek & Go, you can get an exclusive boat tour where you will see the whales up and close. Just remember to bring your camera and a raincoat! 

Open-Water Tours 


Explore the open Caribbean sea with this premium luxury sailing adventure. Your journey is going to start in the vibrant Cancun, and then you start your journey across the water. 

The first stop? The middle of the sea. You get to snorkel through the water and experience the underwater wonders of the Caribbean. Next is the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres. Here you can explore the local markets or have an incredible massage on the beach. 

On your way back, we hope you are ready to have a good time! The open bar and entertainment is the ideal place to kick back, relax, and have an incredible time. 


One thing that makes the Riviera Maya so unique is its absolutely breathtaking sunsets. How to enjoy it? On one of Seek & Go’s tours on a luxury sailboat. Indulge the open water, snacks, bar, and jaw-dropping colors from the sky. This excursion is perfect for couples for it’s romantic setting. Lie back on the comfortable deck cushions and watch them hoist the sails for a quiet cruise along the iconic skyline of the Riviera Maya. 


There is nothing like exploring the Caribbean sea than in a luxurious yacht. Savor cocktails on a sun deck while admiring the captivating views the Caribbean has to offer. In addition to a premium yacht experience, you also get to explore the wondrous Isla Mujeres island. 

Amenities onboard are absolutely outstanding. They include: 

  • Two fully-furnished living rooms 
  • First-class service
  • Snorkel equipment 
  • A dazzling array of drinks from the unlimited bar 

If you are looking for a yacht experience like no other, here it is! Ask the incredible Seek & Go desk for more information and bookings. 


The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a unique rock formation on the southern end of Baja, California. Witnessing this incredible natural phenomenon from afar is impressive, but seeing it up close is breathtaking. Take a tour sailing the Sea of Cortez as the sun falls upon the Arch. This tour is ideal for couples wanting to add a little bit of romance to their vacation.


To experience all of the wonders the Riviera Maya has to offer, trust in Seek & Go. Luckily, you have 3 options to lay your head and have an incredible time. 

Sandos Caracol

Welcome to the jungle! After a day with Seek & Go, you can relax in the on-site crystal clear cenote. After, enjoy entertainment from their daily night performances. Shakira, Lady Gaga, ACDC, and more. 

Sandos Playacar

gay resorts mexico

A beach getaway is here. Sandos Playacar is the place to be if you want somewhere to relax and kick back after a day journeying the world with Seek & Go. Get to know the All Playa Experience and what a true beach vacation means.

Sandos Cancun 

The vibrant Cancun is at your doorstep. All of the excursions are minutes away. Spend the day waking up to the beautiful Caribbean sunrise and then go on of the many adventures Seek & Go has to offer. Do you want to explore everything Sandos Cancun and Seek & Go have to offer? Let us know in the comments.

Sandos Finisterra

Among the mountainside of Los Cabos is this family-friendly, adventurous, and all-inclusive resort. With its ideal location in Los Cabos, excursions, international gastronomy, nightlife, and fun are all close by while staying at Sandos Finisterra!

Are You Ready?

Though we can’t fit all of the incredible tours that Seek & Go has to offer travelers, that gives you more reasons to visit them during your next vacation with Sandos and get to know about all of their unbelievable tours. 

So whether you are looking for exciting, cultural, or natural tours during your next getaway to the Riviera Maya, you absolutely cannot miss out on the unforgettable experiences Seek & Go provides! 

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