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The Best Spanish Phrases To Learn Before Traveling To Mexico

Coming to Mexico for vacation is the perfect opportunity to study up and learn a little bit of Spanish so you can show off your newly obtained skill and impress the staff and locals! Tho you’ll be able to speak English at the resort, why not give it a try?




So? Even if it´s Spanglish at least it is something, right? Well, we want to help you get started, so here are a few phrases to use while on your vacation in Mexico:


1. Una________Por Favor

What’s better than ordering a free all-inclusive drink? Ordering a free all-inclusive drink in Spanish! You may find yourself using this one a lot…. Well, it´s all included, right? Why not take advantage of the opportunity of endless food and drinks? Heres a few recommended combinations:

a) Una Cerveza Por Favor (Beer)
b) Un Mojito Por Favor (Mojito)
c) Una Piña Colada Por Favor ( Piña Colada)


Now what are you waiting for, our bartenders at Bar One in Sandos Cancun are waiting to hear your newly found skill! Don´t be afraid; you´re on vacation, what´s the worst that could happen?

2. Como Estas

The staff at Sandos Hotels and Resorts are going to be some of the nicest people you will ever meet, so why not ask them how they are doing? That right ¨como estas¨ means how are you! And if they happen to ask you first, all you have to say is ¨bien y tu?¨



You can try it out as you are enjoying an incredibly delicious meal and incredible live cooking show at Sandos Caracols´ Asian cuisine restaurant, El Templo.

3. Donde es la fiesta

The best part of Sandos is the incredible daily and nightly entertainment/fiestas, and we promise that they will not disappoint. You are going to be on vacation, so all you will have to do is wake up, get ready, and find someone to ask where the party is!

Spend your vacation at the resort that never sleeps with Sandos Playacars endless nightly entertainment program boasting live performances and a disco! Don´t worry kids; there is even a Teens Club so you can have a mini fiesta with other teens from around the world!




4. Si, por favor

Yes, please! This is probably one of the expressions you may use the most, especially when one of our amazing staff members asks you if you would like more food or another drink, it would just be mean to say no… right?

By just using these two simple words, you could find yourself getting an unforgettable massage at Sandos Finisterras´ Mountainside Spa. So really, think about saying yes as much as you can!


5. Salud!

Cheers! You may find yourself using this one a lot, but don’t worry, you are going to be on vacation, so sit back and relax, you deserve it!




There you have it, some of the best and easiest expressions to learn before your next vacation in Mexico! We guarantee you’ll impress the staff and locals if you can nail these phrases! If you are ready to try out your best Spanglish, make sure to:




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