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The 5 Best Dishes at Salvia, Our Vegan Restaurant

Posted on 3 m read

You will not believe how delicious number 5 is!

Veganism: a lifestyle that more and more people adopt and that many others consider controversial.

Regardless of whether you are vegan or simply like to try new experiences, you’re sure to fall in love with Salvia restaurant and its “eco food” (that’s what we like to call it so we don’t scare some people off with the word “vegan”).

From vegan versions of traditional dishes to combinations of flavors that you’ve never imagined, Sandos Caracol is a hotel with a vegan menu that you cannot miss.


Salvia offers different types of dishes for all palates, so we recommend you go more than once during your stay at Sandos Caracol. The restaurant is open from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm and does not require a reservation.

After putting in the most difficult work for this article (tasting the menu!) and asking the chef and waiters about our guests’ favorites, we came to the conclusion that Salvia’s 5 best vegan dishes are:


1. Avocado and portobello tiradito

For starters, the avocado and portobello tiradito will whet your appetite in a combination of roasted peanuts, habanero vinaigrette, vegan ponzu sauce and green chile pepper slices with baked corn chips.

Cultivated in Mexico for 1500 years, the avocado is not only delicious, but it’s also excellent for your sight and skin thanks to its antioxidants.


2. Tortilla soup

You have to try it! With roasted mushrooms, tofu, ancho chile pepper, fresh avocado and cauliflower sour cream, this vegan version of classic Mexican tortilla soup is its own wonderful twist of the original recipe.

Its delicious aroma and warm temperature will make you feel like you’re in a Mexican home… but with a view of the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Did you know that this Mexican dish dates all the way back to the country’s pre-Hispanic era? This dish comes specifically from the state of Tlaxcala, which means “place of tortillas”.


3. Potato fettuccine

At Salvia, this delicious pasta is prepared with a soft vegan cream of smoked mushrooms and served with grilled asparagus that adds a crispy touch to the dish.

As such, asparagus does not provide a large amount of nutrients to the body, but it’s very rich in fiber and has a low caloric intake, which is why it is considered a diuretic food.


4. Tamales

You cannot visit Mexico without trying some tamales, a top classic Mexican cuisine dish! Inspired by recipes from our local Yucatan region, these delicious tamales are stuffed with mushroom chilorio and vegan curd, and are served with fresh avocado and tomato sauce.

In Mexico, it’s said that there are more than 5,000 types of tamales, all prepared with different fillings, shapes, colors, and flavors, and even wrapped in many different ways.

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5. Chocolate cake

This cake is made without flour! It’s served with a wild fruit coulis, and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. It doesn’t matter if you’re already full after tasting so many delicious Salvia treats… the chocolate cake is our restaurant’s signature vegan dessert and the star of the show for everyone who tries it.

Not only does it taste exquisite, but chocolate also has deeply-rooted Mexican history. Meaning “food of the gods”, chocolate was so important in the ancient Aztec empire that it was even used as currency (a very delicious one).


So if you’re looking for vegan hotels in Mexico or a vegan hotel in Playa del Carmen, Sandos Caracol is your choice, since it created Salvia restaurant for all those travelers who want to have a sustainable vacation.

On the other hand, if you’re not vegan but you are feeling curious, congratulations! You are one decision away from giving your taste buds new flavors to try, from delicious to traditional.

If you’ve already been to Salvia, tell us which was your favorite vegan dish! And if you haven’t planned your trip yet, you just have to click here to book your stay.

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