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Guests’ guide to having fun, enjoying delicious food and being healthy at Sandos Playacar

It’s really easy to forget our routine when you come to a place with stunning views, amazing culinary experiences and fun adventures. And that’s the main reason we travel! But let’s face it, if we could choose to enjoy it all and still return home with a fit body, we would definitely do it.

At Sandos Playacar, it’s possible, fun and delicious for everyone. Even if you’re not a person who’s into fitness yet, here we give you a guide to help you fall in love with a healthy lifestyle (without missing out on the greatness of an all inclusive).


Water first: always healthy advice

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No matter where you are or what your routine or lifestyle, drinking water first thing in the morning will have magical effects. It will clean your system and prepare your body for any journey you’re planning that day.

Make sure to start or finish every meal with a glass of water, and to drink water before sleeping because it has depurative effects and will help you to maintain your PH levels. 


“Water is also essential in Playa del Carmen, where the warm weather tends to dehydrate travelers”

The magic of an all inclusive breakfast

It’s the first meal of the day, so choose wisely. Picture yourself at Festival or any of our other breakfast buffets… what food do you pick?

Everything’s easy to find because the buffet stations are so well-displayed. Drink water first, order a glass of fresh juice, then grab something from the fruit area. Head back to your table and enjoy it slowly. This step will make you feel satisfied; normally we tend to eat unnecessary foods when we’re hungry.

If you’re a coffee lover, this is the time to order one from your waiter.



Our buffet spread includes delicious pancakes, Mexican favorites, and omelet stations. Your stomach is calm by now, so it’s the right time to pick a small portion of your favorite dish from the buffet. Not to worry, you’ll have several vacation days at Sandos to enjoy it, so let’s split favorite dishes into different days.



Working out is also fun

After getting energy from a complete breakfast, let’s enjoy the hotel. All inclusive means food, beverage and entertainment options. Sometimes we forget the last one! Not only are our resort activities fun, but most of them will keep your body active and increase your fitness levels, especially our midday activities when you can dive into a splash of wellness.

Our Entertainment Team is ready in the main pool with the aqua gym activity, the perfect way to produce endorphins and move your body while dancing. It’s well-proven that exercise has better results when you are enjoying it. We can assure you that aqua gym is a full workout and it’s so much fun that you won’t even realize you’re exercising.


But that’s not all! You can also join our spinning class at the gym, where you’ll get to move to the beats of latin music and feel like you’re in a nightclub with the lights and the great vibe in the room. On Mondays, take a kayak tour! If you’re not used to water sports, our staff will help you to feel comfortable so you can experience an adventure while working out every muscle in your body. As soon as you get the hang of kayaking, you might want to go out on your own every day to conquer the coral reef. As a sport, kayaking burns about 700 calories within an hour.

It never gets easier, you get stronger (2)

Walk around, walk back, walk through….just WALK!

Sandos Playacar has several paths, different pools and a great beach – so many reasons to walk and discover all the beauty of the hotel! Stroll through our Path of Health at the center of the resort to spot all the animals that live freely at the hotel. If you give just 20 minutes of your time to this, you will be walking about one kilometer every day of your vacation, which means your blood pressure will stay balanced. Walking around the resort in the morning provides a great way to stretch your limbs and loosen your lymph nodes, and it’s excellent for digestion.

If you enjoy a walk in the evening, any heavy meal will turn into easy food to digest. It’s just 20 minutes of your vacation day, and it’s completely inspiring.

It never gets easier, you get stronger (1)
Healthy cravings

It’s well-known that eating more than three meals a day helps our body to stay active and efficient. On a regular day we’d call extra meals “snacks”, but on vacation we get “cravings”…


You’re probably thinking about buffalo wings, guacamole or nachos, but we recommend fruits. They may not sound interesting, but don’t forget that you’re in a foreign country. It’s time to try some tropical food! Our advice: first try an exotic fruit, then have a small portion of whatever food you’re craving. Another healthy option is to try a tuna sandwich made at the Cupcake Café; not only do they taste delicious, but it’s also a fresh option. The main idea here is to combine light food with other cravings to create balance.


Everyone deserves a happy and refreshing night

Great breakfast, fun fit activities, good digestion with healthy cravings… but what if on one night (or two) of your vacation you just want to dance all night, feel the music, and enjoy more than one mojito? The next day, you might feel swollen and uncomfortable. Just walk to our juice bar by the beach and pick a fresh juice from the menu. Your body will feel better and be ready for a new adventure. These juices are made of ingredients like orange juice, celery, and fiber-rich fruits. Fortunately for your body, this will clean out your system and have you feeling fit once again. And yes, this also counts as a healthy craving!

Guilt-free dinners

Sandos Playacar is always trying to offer guests the most amazing culinary experiences, so of course we’d never ask you to skip dinner with all the great places we have. Every restaurant is so good, so just pick your favorite dish and order it with a salad. From tacos to a juicy steak, our chefs can make salad the perfect side to any dish.


Go shopping

Who wouldn’t love going shopping while on vacation? Take a bike from the Sandos Station and ride with your entire family or your friends to nearby 5th Avenue, just a three-kilometer ride from the hotel (or you can make this your 20-minute walk that we talked about before). While enjoying the ruins at Playacar and the fresh breeze from the beach, you’ll also be working out your leg muscles. Fifth Avenue has a bike station on every corner, and our Entertainment Team will give you a chain and lock to keep it safe.


                                  Then just go shopping, another great workout without you even noticing!

Vacation purification

Whether it’s been one week or two, by now you’re probably in love with the healthy vacation lifestyle. You’ve been able to enjoy good food, exotic cravings, and unique experiences, and you’re completely relaxed and ready to return home. After these tips, it will be easy to get right back to your fitness routine… or get ready to start one.

On your last day before leaving, visit our spa. There is a body treatment called “Draining”, where our experts will use special movements in a massage that relaxes and opens the lymph nodes. The experience lasts 80 minutes, and the results will be phenomenal when going back home. All the extras will get drained from your body.

Small decisions will make significant results on your health. Have fun while you take care of yourself and enjoy your vacation.

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