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Special delivery for the kids

Posted on 2 m read

Sandos Foundation did it again!

Collaborators from Sandos Hotels & Resorts visited some communities at Quintana Roo, Mexico with the aim of giving “More than just a smile”.

As you may know, there is a celebration in Mexico called  “Three Wise Men Day” and we could not let kids miss a beautiful and special gift. We were not alone with this surprise (guests were a key to make this happen) so here are some details of what happened.

During last December, Sandos staff and guests started to collect as many toys they could, so they could give them on these communities, but instead of regular toys, Sandos Foundation thought about a special way to mark the difference this year.

“We should support our mexican artisans while we make kids smile!

Ismerai, Sandos Foundation manager

Collected toys were 100% mexican. “Trompos”, “yoyos”, wood cars and even rag dolls (every Mexican had one during their childhood) were successful among children.

Well, after all the effort, a group of volunteers from Sandos Caracol, Playacar and Cancun got together early in the morning and started a roadtrip to these communities. Everyone was fully committed and going all-out to share smiles and a bit more…

After a two and half hours drive, (it was not hard to stay happy, as we were in the most comfortable vans of Seek & Go) we arrived. From the moment we arrived, we could feel the positive vibe and a unique kind of energy from the children.

Besides, as we have a permanent alliance with Pack for a Purpose, where travelers around the world come to Sandos and donate school supplies, clothes or basic stuff for kids, we were able to give them notebooks, color pencils and other school supplies, caps, clothes and even a haircut!

After some playing, dancing, and singing, kids received their gifts and got back to class.

Thanks to Pack for a Purpose, our beloved guests and sandistas (Sandos collaborators), every year we are getting better results. That is why we are so happy to see how powerful children smiles are and we are sure this will take us really, really far…


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