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How often do we hear the words “spa” and “kids” in the same sentence?

Sandos Hotels in Riviera Maya and los Cabos  presents its new spa section designed especially for the youngest members of the family. It’s time to consider that kids deserve some relaxation and “me time”, too, which is why we give you these five reasons you should take your kids for a spa day:

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Let’s take a look back to your own childhood. It probably seemed like you didn’t have a care in the world except for homework, and we’re glad to read that was the case for you. However, today’s generations have a busier mind, even kids, so they need more frequent spa breaks. So why not give this option to your own loved ones? A time with no goals, no plans… time just to be!


Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos , Sandos Caracol and Playacar is ready for kids, now introducing a new section to pamper the smallest members of the family. Relaxation is a necessary reality for kids today, and after plenty of research, it’s already available and perfectly designed for boys and girls ages 6 to 17 years.

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Another reason to book a spa treatment for your children is to instill in them the habit of pamper themselves. The more relaxed they are, the better their creativity and decision-making skills will be. Developing this habit from a young age will let them feel loved and cared for, and most of all: they will know that there is always something they can do take a moment for themselves and take it easy. Let them decide what kind of massage they want with easy-to-remember names: the Mermaid Massage, which is a 25-minute relaxing / Swedish-style massage with light pressure,  or a Shark Massage, a 25-minute massage designed for sports-loving kids or children with more anxiety, this in case of Sandos Finisterra.

If you are staying at Riviera Maya then the names changes and the treatments get jungle style oils and aromatherapy. They will be able to enjoy the panther and jaguar massages or the raccoon facial, honestly they will love it and you will get even more relax during vacations.


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Kids always want to know what’s inside a place where usually only adults go, and vacations are mostly for exploring new places and discovering great adventures. This might be a great option for them since it’s something completely different to what they are used to. Besides, Spa del Mar is fully equipped and trained to create a kid-friendly wellness environment. The experience for them will be quite exciting, and at the end of this, they will learn something new without getting bored, since the massages only last 25 minutes. The sensorial architecture is already enriched to welcome them at Spa del Mar because it’s so important to make sure the place is ready for them when deciding to take your child to the spa.

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You’ll find more than just kids’ massages, with additional options like facials and beauty salon packages. If you think your child isn’t ready or might not be interested in a massage, maybe they can start with something easier like a facial (especially great after being exposed to the sun), or a manicure, pedicure and hair braids. Braids are a must when kids are at the beach, and they’re not just for girls! Boys are also often interested in hair braids, and it’s really practical when they’re playing in the sand and doing beach sports throughout their vacation.


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Family time is what matters on vacation. Why not involve your kids when you go to the spa? It’s such a special experience for them. Imagine them next to you while you relax and get pampered. You can forget that old mental picture of your kid crying or worried about where you are. A parent-and-kid treatment is now possible with the new cabins specialized for families. While you pick a  50-minute massage from our regular menu, they get two different treatments, combining a massage with a facial, manicure, pedicure or hair braid.


It’s new, refreshing and amazing; let your children get energized with new and exciting vibes. Visit the spa with your kids on your next vacation at Sandos Finisterra resort and Sandos Playacar and Caracol. 

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