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Say Hello to the Donkeys of Sandos Playacar!

The Sweetest Donkeys in Playa del Carmen

Sandos Playacar Beach Resort features a beautiful location in Playa del Carmen, offering extensive outdoor areas with fascinating plants and wildlife to discover.

One of the hotel’s main attractions is the animals that live here. We have a wide variety of wild species that roam freely around the property, like the coatis, the sereques, the iguanas and the howler monkeys, not to mention that cats that now have their very own Cat City.

But the most beloved animals at Sandos Playacar are our donkeys: Juanita and Panchito. They came to the resort through a personal donation, and they’ve been living happily ever after for many years in their own stable here on the property.

Sandos Playacar animals

Juanita and Panchito’s stable is located in the center of the resort, at the end of the Path of Health, right before you reach the Gran Plaza. Thanks to its location right by the Path of Health, the stable area is a popular attraction for guests who stroll by this part of the property. Many of you have come to us with questions about the habits, diet and caretaking of Juanita and Panchito, so we presented some of the most frequently asked questions to our Director of Ecology, Alejandro Gonzalez de la Parra:

Are the Sandos Playacar donkeys related?

Right now at Sandos Playacar we have two donkeys, Juanita and Panchito, who are a couple. They were the first donkeys here, and arrived by donation. They are the parents of the donkeys we have at the nearby Sandos Caracol sister resort: Lupillo and Pepito.

What do Juanita and Panchito eat? Can resort guests feed them?

They eat feed that has been balanced especially for them, along with alfalfa, oats, fruit and carrots. Guests can feed them the alfalfa that’s set at the corner of the stable every morning at 11:00 am. Guests can also participate in the “Animal Keeper” activity every day at 3:00 pm where they help with the care and feeding of the donkeys, as well as the peacocks and macaws. They just need to stop by the InfoCenter to make a reservation.

Sandos Playacar donkeys

What care do the donkeys receive?

Every day we apply their mosquito repellent, and give them their daily brushing and a general health revision. They get their bath every third day. The donkeys also receive constant veterinary care, and they have a general health plan that includes vaccinations and other medication, as well as supplements to keep them in optimal health. And of course, the donkeys at Sandos Caracol receive the exact same care and attention!

Donkey bath

Who cleans their stable and how often?

The donkey stable is cleaned every morning by their caretakers, Horalia and Joel.

Is the climate of the Riviera Maya adequate for them?

Donkeys originally come from Africa, a hot climate, so the climate of the Riviera Maya isn’t much different. And since Juanita and Panchito were born here, they’re perfectly adapted to this climate.

Riviera Maya donkey pen

Come and meet them!

We hope to see you soon at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort to meet Juanita and Panchito. During your visit, you can also discover our extensive white sand beach with fun-filled activities every day with the All Playa Experience, in addition to a wide variety of restaurants and bars, and nightly shows in the Gran Plaza. To book your stay, visit us at

Juanita and Panchito are waiting for you!

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