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Sandos Continues Supporting Mayan Community

Posted on 2 m read

Mayan Community Support Agreement

In the past year, Sandos Caracol has worked closely with our friends at the Xyaat organization to benefit the Mayan community in the Mexican Caribbean. Xyaat supports small villages in the beautiful Zona May area through a variety of cultural projects, and we’re prou4d to help them achieve their goals.

In total, 300 Mayan Community families, 50 children from low income homes, and 6 eco tourism co-ops have benefitted from the social action program between Xyaat and Sandos Hotels & Resorts.

In December 2012, the first Mayan community support agreement was signed between Xyaat and Sandos Hotels & Resorts, covering four points of action:

1. Point of sale for selling eco tours

2. Mystical experiences

3. Handicraft program

4. Donation program

It’s with great joy that we tell you that on January 22, 2014, the agreement between Sandos and Xyaat was renewed and signed by Luiz Ramirez (General Manager of Sandos Caracol), Ramiro Muñoz (Eco Club Director), Marcos Cante (Representative for the Xyaat organization), Anaid Corona (Corazón y Vida Maya) and Teresa Rojo (Identidades Comunidad).

The sale of Mayan handicrafts and eco tours is done at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort; the hotel does not charge any commission or rent to the Mayan communities. According to data from the Corazón y Vida Maya organization (close collaborators with Xyaat), it’s reported that Mayan communities have received about 100,000 pesos (roughly $7,700 USD) as a result. By hiring three traditional ceremonies to be done at the resort, Xyaat earned 45,000 pesos (roughly $3,500 USD), and over 300 families have been gifted with 4,500 items like furniture, clothing and various items in good condition donated by the hotel. Thanks to the participation of Sandos guests through the Pack for a Purpose Program, 50 children from low-income households in the Mayan community of Señor received school supplies and oral hygiene items.

This is a social investment effort that strives to go beyond regular charity in order to support productive projects and to promote the value of maintaining the Mayan language and local traditions.


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