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Sandos Playacar´s plant nursery

Posted on 2 m read

Green, leafy and promising for nature… that’s how we describe our plant nursery. It’s located on a spot that was once home to a cenote years ago, and where now you can see dozens of plants and flowers that give color to our hotel Sandos Playacar.




The Chef’s Garden




Did you know that some of our condiments and spices are grown in our garden? Every morning, our chef chooses some of them to improve the culinary experience of our guests and to organically maintain the best flavors in our restaurants. In fact, this is the first thing you will find visiting our plant nursery. On your right, you can see that it’s a “look but don’t touch” area since it has the most delicate plants.




There you will find basil, peppermint, thyme, etc., all of our aromatic spices for our dishes.




Next to this protected area, you will see some bougainvilleas and colorful flowers that require the same care. These flowers grow in late spring and feature colors like violet, pink and yellow. You’re sure to find even more around the hotel.





Every Seed Counts


It’s true that our plants and flowers adorn our hotel, and we love to show them off; however, every little branch is important to us. The care that we provide to them is quite personalized. We have a special ecology department that gives them the attention they need.




As soon as you arrive, you will see the plants divided by family and stage of life, from the newborns up to the already blooming. Some of them don’t grow much, so we need to look at them carefully with their brown, yellow and green colors.




Take Your Best Photos


The existence of our plant nursery has a very important eco factor, and it goes hand-in-hand with our awareness program to change the path of sustainability for all inclusive resorts.




It seems like a small gesture, but sharing is one of the first steps towards increasing awareness that growing your own food or caring for a small tree or plant can improve life on our planet Earth.




This is why we invite you to share your visit to the plant nursery. Plus, if you’re a photography lover, this is a great place to practice! You’ll have the best assistants (some with Jurassic era experience).





Visit the plant nursery on your next stay at Sandos Playacar! You’re sure to feel a sense of relaxation while enjoying this little area so full of life.


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