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Angelica Maraun, the German woman who has made history at Sandos

Posted on 2 m read

Each of the Sandos hotels has a story to tell, endless anecdotes that have occurred among our guests and even with our collaborators. We wouldn’t finish telling in a single article about all those people who have marked us as service providers and as a hotel chain, but undoubtedly those who take the most credit are our most loyal guests.  

And so begins the story of Angelica Maraun, a guest who has truly made Sandos her home away from home, having visited the resort 57 times. It was in 2005 when Angelica was working as a coordinator for a travel agency in her native Germany and decided to visit the Riviera Maya along with a group of tourists interested in seeing firsthand the wonders that were spoken of in the Mexican jungle. At that time, the Sandos Hotels & Resorts chain was just beginning within the Mediterranean islands, so what she visited were the foundations of what would later become Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.  

In a warm interview, 69-year-old Angelica showed us her vision as a witness to the evolution that the resort has had through her experience:  

“The first time I was at Caracol was in 2005, previously I had been at Caracol Village between 2003 and 2005. I was here with a group since I coordinated a travel agency and organized group trips.  

In addition, Caracol has grown year after year. I must emphasize that the jungle and cenotes have been preserved. Here it is pure nature, which is positive. Even the animals that inhabit the surroundings make me feel like I’m at home.”  

To the eyes of a tourist, Mexico is an incredible destination, as it has natural wonders from north to south that make it unique. Angelica tells us that she has had the opportunity to see a lot of this country, however, we are curious to know what makes her return to Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.  

“I love Caracol and its whole team. When I arrive, I feel like I am in my second home and my husband feels the same. Many people have come with me, and I can tell when my group feels very good. The hotel staff is lovely.  

In addition, the restaurants are all great, everyone finds something to their liking and the Mexican food is exquisite. The night shows are also great, my favorite is the Fire of Life show.”

To conclude, Angelica makes a recommendation for all those who have not yet visited Sandos Caracol Eco Resort:  

“If you like nature and animals, I can recommend Sandos Caracol. It is very interesting for children and there is much to offer for young and old. The jungle is paradise, you can discover many things here, small excavations, waterfalls, etc.”  

Warmly we say goodbye to Angelica and with a smile, she tells us: “It’s the 57th visit, and I will be back!”

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