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Sandos Cocktail Week Day 1: “Sex on the Beach”

Posted on 1 m read

Sex On The Beach

It’s Sandos Cocktail Week here on Sandos Blog! For the next few days, we’ll be showcasing some of the most requested and refreshing drinks served at our beach resorts, including some classic favorites along with our own signature drinks that our bartenders masterfully prepare. Let’s kick off the week with a drink we all know and love: Sex on the Beach.

Monday is the perfect day to lie back in a beach chair at your favorite Sandos resort and order this iconic beach cocktail, known for its deep coral color, fresh taste and cheeky name.

sex on the beach

Sandos Sex on the Beach ingredients:

Coconut cream
Pineapple juice
Peach liqueur

Sandos Cocktail Week:

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Day 5: Mojito

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