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Sandos Caracol Gets Its Highest Ever Rainforest Alliance Score

Posted on 3 m read

We continue to set the example for eco-tourism in the Riviera Maya

With our best score to date, at Sandos Caracol we’ve proudly cemented our position regarding sustainability and our commitment to the environment.

A score of 97.27% on our Rainforest Alliance certification is achieved through sustainable practices, a variety of environmental programs, and extensive initiatives that positively impact not only the environment, but also the community, thanks to support from our employees, our suppliers, and of course our guests of all ages.

We want to change the world one resort at a time through eco friendly practices: we are committed to supporting the local community and preserving our natural environment through ecotourism in the Riviera Maya, so we hope these practices serve to inspire other hotels in Mexico and the world to join us in this effort for the planet.

“We work with a responsible waste management program, from the place where they are generated until they reach our recycling warehouses. We focus 100% on applying the 3 R rule, in this order: reduce, reuse and recycle. But we also add two more Rs: reject and repair,” says Guadalupe Barrón, Environmental Coordinator of Sandos Hotels & Resorts.

What does the Rainforest Alliance certification mean?

Any company that undergoes a Rainforest Alliance certification must first of all comply with world-class requirements and standards regarding sustainable actions that take care of the planet and reduce its environmental footprint.

The criteria require:

  • Protection of nearby ecosystems
  • Wise use of natural resources
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Benefits to the social and cultural development of surrounding communities

Sustainability at Sandos Caracol

Our sustainable resort implements multiple programs and sustainable activities in favor of the community, the environment, animals and the local economy, such as:


  • Sea turtle conservation programs through the protection of their nests and their release when they are born
  • Programs of protection and repopulation of deer and macaws after their rescue
  • Programs and campaigns to educate visitors and employees regarding endemic species, for example, not to take shells from the beach and not to feed the wild animals
  • A Mini Farm with of rescue animals, where children can feed animals that have a second chance with a better quality of life
  • An organic garden where we harvest some tropical fruits and grow endemic plants for later relocation
  • Recycling programs for glass, cardboard, plastic and waste oil
  • Responsible waste management and reduction
  • A wastewater treatment plant, whose resulting water is used to water our gardens
  • “Say no to straws” program to help reduce the amount of plastic on our beaches and in our oceans
  • A section of eco rooms with solar panels and smart technology to reduce energy use
  • Ecotourism program with the All Nature Experience, like the “Plant a Tree” activity
  • Beach cleaning programs with Sandos Foundation volunteers, plus we invite guests to join the activities
  • Awareness programs for our guests, employees and suppliers on the importance of taking care of the environment
  • Promotion of the local culture with entertainment and food inspired by Maya culture fo a real eco vacation
  • Support to Maya communities with places to sell their crafts
  • “Pack for a Purpose” program to donate school supplies and educational tools for children living in nearby communities
  • Various volunteer programs with the Sandos Foundation such as “Juguetón”, “Tapatón”, and “Croquetón”, through which efforts are added in favor of many causes
  • Recommendations for sustainable practices for guests during their stay and back home, such as the responsible use of energy, towel reusage, and the non-feeding of wildlife policy
  • Surveillance, verification and certification of sustainable practices through the Environmental Department
  • Social responsibility policies
  • Salvia vegan restaurant, which offers healthy food and environmental awareness

These are just some of the practices that have led Sandos Caracol to earn the Rainforest Alliance certification for yet another year, which is why we are proud to have the recognition of professionals who certify companies that look after the environment.

Each of Sandos’ Mexico properties implements a variety of environmentally-friendly programs in order to minimize its eco footprint, and are looking forward to earn this certification.

If you are looking for ecotourism destinations and to become a sustainable traveler, book your eco vacation at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort now.

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