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5 Reasons To Travel In A Group

Posted on 4 m read

How Many Reasons Do You Need To Travel In A Group?

When it comes to planning a trip, there are multiple things you need to take into account, and one of the most important decisions to make is who to travel with. We understand that the fewer people who get involved, the faster the planning will be, but we also know that everything is more fun when traveling in a group. Don’t give up, open those planners, and look for days off that work well with your friends to travel together to the destination that you and they have always wanted. You don’t need too many reasons to travel, but here are five reasons to travel in a group to push you so that you call all of your friends or the entire family and start planning:

Forget About Stress

Group vacations in Cancun

If you are not a seasoned traveler, you can fall into the trap of trying to control all of the different variables, so that everything turns out perfectly; however, without help, the planning becomes so much harder. When traveling in a group, you can reduce both the margin of error and the workload since several people will be involved in logistics. There may be someone in charge of transportation, another to organize everyone for dinner at the best restaurant in the hotel, another for entertainment during the day, and so on with every aspect of the trip. Learn to exploit each member of the group’s skills and enjoy a trip free of setbacks and stress.

Strengthen Ties and Create New Memories 

Group vacations in Playa del Carmen

If you are open to traveling in a group larger than your closest social circle, you will surely end up traveling with people you know little or that you do not know outright. This will be the perfect opportunity to reinforce your social skills and break your paradigms. Take advantage of the opportunity to get closer to people you know very little about or those who, for some reason, you have not been as close as you would like. Take into account that there will be an endless amount of group activities in the hotel that you can use as a perfect pretext to connect. If that was not a good enough reason, the memories created in a group tend to last much longer, and there will always be those moments that you will cherish forever and bring up those anecdotes that made them inseparable when you meet again.

Groups Take Care Of Eachother

Group vacations in Los Cabos

One of the unwritten laws for group travel is the care of its members at all times. It is not only about physical care, which in some places is essential, but also emotional care. A trip can impact you in many ways depending on the moment we are going through in our lives, so it is likely that at some point, someone in the group may need words of encouragement or just some company. Without a doubt, these moments will be the ones that bring the members of the group much closer. Perhaps they would like to organize a private dinner or have a drink together at the bar to have a good chat.

Quantity = Comfort

Group vacations in Mexico

Although it may seem different, if you travel in a group, you will be more comfortable. How does it work? It is very easy to look for those services that have group options, instead of paying separate taxis when leaving the airport, paying for a larger vehicle ensures everyone arrives at the same time and have more space during the trip so everyone will be more comfortable. In Sandos Hotels, when booking in a group, they will put their rooms as close as possible, so no one will not have to walk much to meet, and nobody will miss out on the fun. Reach out to the entertainment team, who will surely be able to organize fun activities for your group, or even help organize any special celebrations or events you have in mind.

The More People That Travel, The More They Save

Group vacations in Cancun

If all of the above points don’t seem to convince you to start calling everyone on your contact list, how about paying noticeably less for the same trip you plan to make on your own? When you travel with several people at Sandos Hotels and Resorts, you will find special prices for groups. Agencies, hotels, and even local tour providers typically advertise a lower price for certain passengers. Thus, in addition to knowing new places in the company of your favorite people, it will also take care of your pocket. A bit nervous about traveling? See here what it is like to travel under this new normal and what we are doing to protect you! 

Now, don’t wait any longer and dare to discover the most beautiful destinations and new members of your traveling family.

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