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Much More Than Just a GYM

Posted on 5 m read

A vacation, a healthy life, workouts and relaxation might not sound like things that belong in the same sentence… but when you add Sandos Playacar, then the combination is equal to fun, the perfect vacation and new lifestyles!


Our gym is growing so that you can improve on the training you do at home and turn it into the perfect way to balance the fact that you just want a fun vacation while your conscience tells you to keep your body healthy.


Over the past two months, Spa del Mar at Sandos Playacar has been searching for activities and training its staff to create new spaces and group sessions. Today, we present them to you! So keep in mind that this hotel can always turn something great into something even better.




Abs Clinic


Our session starts at 7 am. Why? First of all, so we can catch the sunrise and make the early time worth every minute. In just 45 minutes, your new personal trainer will give you the right workout to work on your abs.




Second, it’s a well-known fact that during the beginning of the day, before you even have breakfast, your stomach is cleansing itself of everything you ate and did in the past 24 hours, so this early morning session will help you not only to strengthen your abs, but also to cleanse the stomach. You’ll be able to warm up your body and maintain the energy and circulation you need for the day ahead.

Remember, this clinic is on Tuesday and Thursday at 7am. The class takes place at the beach, but the meeting point is at the spa.


Spinning Lessons


If you’re thinking, “Oh, this class is probably just like any spinning class but with a Caribbean touch” then you haven’t been to Sandos. Our spinning lesson is one-of-a-kind, and we can prove it! Just watch this video:



Lights, rhythm, videos and lots of energy is what you will experience during this session. As you may have noticed, we have a special room to make our guests feel amazing, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a new student because our trainers are experts who can monitor your moves and how you stand while riding the bike.

Plus, we’ve taken cycling to a whole new level by including top-notch spinning bikes. They’re fully designed so that even newbies can try it without hurting any part of their body. Sitting is comfortable thanks to the height adjustable seat, and there’s even a digital counter so you can keep an eye on your heart rate and your calories burned.




Of course, we couldn’t leave out this world-famous activity! Mostly because you won’t find anywhere with better dancers than here.




The trainers for this activity are Latin Americans with rhythm in their blood. Many have moved to the Riviera Maya so you can watch them dance in our night shows. All this means that you’ll be learning how to dance, burning calories, and increasing flexibility with the best dancers at Sandos. You can wear whatever you like since this activity is done on the beach or by the pool, and you’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out.




Not only is Zumba great exercise, it’s also a wonderful excuse to work your heart, free your body, reduce stress and leave it all behind! You will be healthier and happier when you finish it.


Boot Camp


Probably our favorite training session. Nowadays, Crossfit is a famous activity that many people love. For anyone who’s tried Crossfit, we have to recommend Boot Camp: it’s the perfect combination of training circuits that use your own body weight, all with a Caribbean Sea view.





This activity takes place on the beach where you can enjoy the sunshine. The idea is to increase your muscle mass and do some cardio; after 45 minutes, you’ll have burned around 500 calories.

Our trainers will give you a circuit of exercises and positions you need to do and will add some time to each activity. The plan is to complete it in the fastest time possible, or sometimes we’ll push you to finish as many circuits as you can.




If you’ve never tried Crossfit before and you have some questions about it, start it right here at Sandos. We’re completely aware that you’re not coming on vacation just to work out, so we’ll introduce it to you in a gentle way that will have you wanting to keep trying as soon as you get home. You pick the intensity of the class, and you’re the only one who will determine your strength and limits.


Functional Sandos


Sometimes we want to do Boot Camp indoors. Why? To take advantage of the amazing equipment we have in the gym. Now we have yoga mats, pilates equipment, treadmills, weights and well-designed mirrors so you can check your positions while you exercise.



We’ve also included boxing equipment, so you won’t have any excuse not to work out.



This class has the same pattern as our Boot Camp, but may include some routines using our indoor equipment. Our advice is to try both! Well ok, all of them, but don’t for get the most important thing: You’re on vacation, so stick to just one activity a day. Just 45 minutes of training will improve your diet, your digestion and your life.




Get the perfect pranayama. Free yourself from day-to-day stress and leave everything behind on your next beach getaway. You’ll be glad you tried this memorable class that lets you experience your body’s flexibility. In fact, this might be the activity that best goes along with the word “vacation”.




Every day at 11 am, Juan Carlos will be waiting for you to take you to our yoga gazebo or to the beach, and he’ll explain every position and step so you can get the most out of yourself and the class. 

Keep in mind that yoga lessons bring energy and strength from deep down in your soul, so you’ll be burning more than 500 calories in one session. Not bad for relaxing while you breath correctly, right?

You can also add a temazcal session with your family or friends. This ancient Mexican sweat lodge ritual will cleanse your soul and mind as you let go of past experiences you no longer need.


Some other tips:


  1. During your stay at Sandos Playacar, you will also find the Path of Health, a charming nature path that will lead you to the gym and might be a good warm up. (Our donkeys will be nearby to cheer you on!)
  2. We also offer stretching sessions at 7 am on the beach.
  3. Bike rentals are available to take a tour to downtown Playa del Carmen or just around the Playacar neighborhood.
  4. Here’s some more advice for staying fit on an all inclusive vacation.


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Spa del Mar has done it again! Our guests are falling in love with the gym and all the facilities provided. You’re next, share your opinions below!

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