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It’s Time To Meet Again

Posted on 4 m read

The time has come, and now it is the moment to go back out into the world and try to resume everything that we have had to put on hold, and we are looking forward to re-creating new and exciting experiences. What is the best way to start doing that? Well, traveling, of course! 

Traveling Is Synonymous With Freedom.


Traveling to a new destination is something that completely changes a person. We often feel renewed with a desire for more adventures and explorations so that we can go further and discover not only new places but ourselves in the process. Did you ever feel like Indiana Jones during those jungle walks? As a member of royalty on your Spa visits? Or even, like Kevin MacAllister in Home Alone 2 when he arrives at his suite in that famous hotel in New York? You don’t have to say it; we already know the answer is yes. However, everything has changed.

We have all read and experienced the different articles, memes, and chains of truthful and false information during these trying times. An infinite amount of data that is coming from different social media platforms, friends, family, video calls, alongside many other media. The thing is, these are different times, and that includes the way we live and travel. 

 The New Normal

We’ve adopted new customs at home, so now it is time to transfer those new ways of life to daily life at work, school, and events. From that concert, you can’t wait to see the epic wedding of your best friends in an incredible destination. So many things that were suspended are now slowly but surely coming back. 

There is a positive side to everything that has occurred; it has brought us all together, allowing us to be resilient, help, and support each other both physically and mentally, while we all work towards our “new normal.” Normality that we never expected, but we must accept it. We are all tired of being locked up at home, and though nature did take a much-needed rest, even the animals at Sandos Caracol miss their visitors. We also miss each and every one of our travelers and the lack of the laughter, the screams of emotion, and the footprints in the sand at each of our locations; basically, we are not the same without you.

After the storm continues … the adventure?


It is time to meet again; to feel free again and rediscover the world with the assurance that in each new adventure, you will be protected with the best health and hygiene protocols, such as those Sandos has already implemented in all its hotels, making any travel experience the absolute best. Today more than ever, our priority is to make the “new normal” for the people, guests, and collaborators even better so that you enjoy every moment of your trip without any setbacks.

We know that from the moment you decide to search for the ideal destination and click on the RESERVE button throughout your trip and until the moment you return home cooler than lettuce, you feel that traveling has never felt so all right; Are you ready? 

Where To Start

Well, you know what you need to start your year on the right foot – yes, you read that right, start your year. We are going to pretend that January 1st was yesterday, and today you start again to think about your goals for the next months, in your new projects, and on the trips that you have pending. If you need inspiration, you can find it here or take this quiz to help you decide which of the Sandos hotels you should stay in this year.


We need a change of perspective and a breath of fresh air in paradise, and in any of Sandos Hotels, you will find just what you need. We have always prided ourselves on the top hygiene protocols we have always had, and now we have made even more advancements so that you don’t have any doubts about the measures we are taking to protect you and your loved ones. 

How do I know which type of trip is ideal for me?

Due to the wide array of options, we have at Sandos, choosing a destination may be a bit difficult. We know that you would love to see the whales in Los Cabos at the same time as indulging in delicious cuisine in Spain, but unfortunately, you are going to have to settle for one at a time. So we are making every decision you have to make a bit easier for you. Are you traveling alone? Do you want to vacation as a family and have fun with the children? Maybe you need to escape with your partner to a romantic destination, or you retired, and you need a little tranquility to pamper your senses. Or maybe you even need to finally celebrate that event that you had to suspend, and you want to celebrate in a big way.


At Sandos, you will easily find the perfect option for you whether it be a family or group vacay, a treat getaway for you, a present to your parents or grandparents, or even maybe a vacation to thank those in our lives who fight on the front lines every day to protect us. Whatever it may be, we have a promotion for you. 

No matter what, we have a special place that will capture your heart and leave you with countless and everlasting memories. However you travel, we have the best options in the most incredible vacation destinations across the globe. If there is one thing we can all take away from these trying times, it is that we all are a bit nostalgic about the moments we have with those we care most about in wondrous locations. So the time to start over and create new experiences is now; Don’t wait another moment! 

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