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How to protect your skin from the sun?

Posted on 3 m read

Get a great tan while helping the environment

When you’re enjoying a one-of-a-kind vacation by the beach, it’s really important to care for your skin when exposing it to the sun as it may be dangerous for your health.

We love to take care of your family and the environment, and nowadays sunscreen is so important. However, there are some other options we can also consider to protect our skin. Here are our recommendations to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and radiant during a sunny vacation.

1. Prepare your body for the sun.

When you visit our buffet restaurants, remember that we offer an extensive variety of delicious food. Choose foods that help your skin to be ready, strong and resistant to UV rays.

We’re talking about red fruits, leafy greens, apples, olive oil, etc. Remember that our big selection of fruits and salads are also available during lunch and dinner. Make this food part of your diet during your vacation since you’ll be exposing your skin to the sun in a very different way than you do at home.


2. What type of skin do you have?

Choose the sunscreen that best fits you. Each of us is completely different and has specific needs. It’s necessary to define our pigmentation in order to use the proper sunscreen. The lighter our skin tone, the more sensitive it will be to the sun, so the FPS needs to be higher. Your lips also have a very different skin type, so don’t forget them; most travelers believe they can use the same sunscreen for their lips, but keep in mind that they might need more moisturizer.


3. Choosing sunscreens for your beach vacation

The best ingredient to protect your skin is zinc oxide, which is used in most of sunscreens in Mexico. In addition to protecting from the sun, it also has analgesic properties, which means it shouldn’t cause any pain or effect if your skin has an eruption or injury, and in fact it may accelerate the healing process.

CAUTION: Some sunscreens are made with a toxic substance known as oxybenzone, which, according to studies by the FDA, causes a negative impact on the ocean, on the coral reef, and also on you. We definitely recommend checking the ingredients in your sunscreen of choice to avoid this substance. Do it for yourself, but also for the planet.


4. Fashion and your skin protection!

Our clothes are a great ally. It’s true that bathing suits are a great choice; however, we recommend that you wear a long-sleeved shirt when going on tours to Playa del Carmen, Tulum or any of the islands in the Riviera Maya. Some of these shirts include SPF, making them a great option to protect the youngest members of the family.


5. The nice side of the sun

We can’t forget the fact that Vitamin D is necessary and great for our body; fortunately, the best way to get it is from the sun. It’s pure energy that revitalizes and heals us instantly. In fact, it’s well-proven that moderate sun exposure helps us to decrease muscle pain and also produces melatonin, which gives us energy in the morning and relaxes our body at night. At Sandos, you will always find a great spot to enjoy the sun: by the beach, at the pool, or even on your room’s balcony. Of course, everything in moderation!


6. The perfect tan at Sandos

If your plan is to tan, use the “less is better” rule. Upon your arrival to the hotel, lie out for no more than ten minutes your first day, and then you can increase the time by five minutes per day. All the activities that we offer at the hotel will definitely help you to keep up your tanning routine while having fun. The result will be radiant and healthy skin.


 With these recommendations in mind, you’re now completely ready to enjoy your beach vacation. Remember: you’re not just helping your health, you’re also helping nature. Use every resource you can to balance fun with your skin care. Share this information with friends and family, and as soon as you arrive at Sandos, practice these tips and let us know your results.

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