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How to Paint a Skull

The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico is quickly approaching. A deeply rooted ritual that both young and old take part in is simulating the presence of death through costumes, makeup, and decorations. Here we are going to show you how to paint a skull so you can stay ahead during this unique holiday!  

In Mexico, the representation of death is a ritual that does not bring sadness, but it brings joy since it is carried out by the love that is held by those whom the deceased was close with. There are many different ways to celebrate this Mexican tradition. However, the most natural and common way is the skull, which claims its place in the food, in small sculptures made of chocolate, sugar, and even bread, in literature, in confetti, and drawings that decorate the walls. Most importantly, it can be represented when someone decides to wear their elegant disguise.

The Process

Whichever way you want to include skulls in your celebration, you have to take into account that it is a tradition from the heart and that by decorating it, you will better represent the essence of the Day of the Dead if think about someone special who you have lost, here are some tips to consider:

  • Start by highlighting death, remember that this particular occasion, it is a celebration of joy.
  • Decorate the eyes with vivid colors; you can use shiny materials such as sequins and glitter to give your skull more life.
  • Choose a headdress according to the personality you want to give it; you can use flowers, hats, or bows, here the imagination will be the only limit.

Day of the Dead

For Sandos Hotels and Resorts, it is essential to preserve culture and traditions. That is why we are already preparing to receive both our liveliest guests carrying all those who have left this planet with them in their hearts during  Day of the Dead in Mexico. Like every year, we seek to create the best celebration in which our foreign visitors can experience and fall in love with this tradition. At the same time, the Mexican people who visit us can feel a reflection of their customs and great pride in showing them to the world.

During the parties at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, you will have the opportunity to participate in each of the aspects of this celebration. You will find the offerings where visitors from the afterlife again enjoy the delicacies they loved in life, representing the world of the living and the dead.

You can also take a gastronomic tour with unique flavors of this season, such as the famous pan de muerto, different types of mole, pumpkin sweets, and the tamales typical of each region, among which the Yucatecan pib stands out.

The fun will be around every corner as it is in all Mexican celebrations. Also, put on your dancing shoes because the entertainment team will be showing you typical dances from different states across Mexico! And of course, you don’t have to look for music, because if something characterizes Mexican culture the best, it is its love for chords and beautiful melodies!

If you’ve already decided to join us and cannot wait for the day to arrive, and you have enjoyed learning how to paint a skull, you can start preparing your outfit; here, you can continue step by step to achieve the perfect catrina makeup.

Start Packing

As you can see, this is the party of the year at Sandos Caracol, and you cannot miss it. Not only will you have a great time, but you will also grow closer to Mexican culture and discover one of its most beautiful traditions highly respected by its people. Come and experience a party of two worlds as only Mexicans know how to truly do it.

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