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How Do You Know If Playa del Carmen Is Your Ideal Destination?

Posted on 6 m read

Routine’s got you, but you are ready to leave it behind. Mexico comes to your mind, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You also immediately think about Playa del Carmen with its heavenly beaches. However, you are still unsure if this is the right choice for your vacation in 2018. It’s quite simple to find out! Guide yourself with these answers and if you agree with at least one, you are in and Playa is just right for you.

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If you are an adventurer


Skydiving? 4×4? Ocean diving? What do you have in mind? Whatever it is, you’ll probably find it in Playa del Carmen.




A popular city because of the spectacular coral reef that surrounds us, travelers from all over the world come to visit the diverse ocean wildlife, the crystalline water, and the adrenaline of facing 1300-pound turtles and the majestic whale shark during their visit between July and September.

Sandos_Caracol_Water_Actividades_25 (1)


If you are a land adventurer, don’t feel let down. Playa del Carmen is located in a mangrove habitat that is really convenient for speed lovers. Every day you can find somewhere to race ATVs or 4×4 buggies. Mexicans, as friendly and kind as we are, will teach you if you are new and will be taking care of your safety. There is nothing to fear and so much to enjoy.




The adventures continue for those who believe air is their main element. and we’re not just talking about skydiving (which is amazing) because you can also enjoy a popular sport called parasailing. While attached to a boat, you’ll fly above the blue Caribbean Sea to see Playa del Carmen from high above… and the best part is that you can book it from your favorite Sandos hotel!




If you are looking for the best honeymoon




Love is essential in this beautiful city (yes, we are really proud of it), and more than 1500 couples traveling daily can’t be wrong. Honestly, Mexico is an affordable country, which means that any young couple (or couples of any age) can visit here and travel comfortably.


Playa del Carmen ocean view


At Sandos Playacar, couples can enjoy the romantic views from oceanfront rooms, and at Sandos Caracol couples get to immerse themselves in clear natural cenotes then indulge in private dinners prepared especially for them.


Riviera Maya resort destination wedding


Sunrise is perfect for a walk along the beach while holding hands; the weather is lovely with the soothing sea breeze. Celebrating love in PDC is idyllic and perfect, and with the love of your life next to you, what could go wrong?


If you want a family vacation





You and your kids deserve a break so you can get together as a family and discover new landscapes. Playa del Carmen is pretty family-friendly. No matter the age, everybody will see PDC as their home away from home.




Picture your children racing down the safest and most enjoyable slides ever, swimming and exploring around colorful fish, meeting new friends from all over the world, and best of all: finding activities for any age. This is Playa del Carmen: where everyone from the baby to the grandparents will have big fun.




Your family vacation could not go better since all inclusive hotels like Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar are always taking care of everything and offer full packages. We perfectly understand how going outside your routine is important, like spending time with your children, your significant other, and yourself. We take care of every detail so you can live every moment as it was meant to be.


If you are traveling alone




Independent, self-sufficient and ready to meet the whole world? Then one of your stops is Mexico, and Playa del Carmen is definitely for you. The relaxed, unique and open atmosphere is for everybody. We are all friendly and love to meet different points of view from each culture, which is why there are always international music festivals and our hotels are designed with exclusive areas to keep the relaxing mood going.




Travel expert website Momondo has ranked the Yucatan Peninsula as one of the best solo trips in the world, and Playa is part of that area.

If you are a traveler who makes research before a trip

Many of our guests and travelers look for destinations with certifications and awards of satisfaction.  And there are a lot of web pages where you can read some. Here we show you some of the opinions about Playa del Carmen:



If you are a good bridesmaid



Our older brother Cancun taught us well, and we throw great parties. For bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, there is no better place than here. We have the best nightclubs on Fifth Avenue, and they are really exclusive, fun and safe.



It is common to walk along this main avenue and notice groups of ladies and men celebrating big events like an upcoming wedding. Even if you don’t want to leave your hotel, there is still a lot to do in addition to what we’ve already mentioned. Remember that with an all inclusive resort, you have an open bar and parties as part of your vacation. If you are about to get married or trying to organize a bachelor/ette party, this is the destination you need. In fact, even bridal magazines recommend that you’ll have the party of your life with us.




If you are a culture lover




It all comes down to a grand civilization: THE MAYAS. This culture has left us so much history and knowledge that we love to share with our visitors. If you are planning to travel and experience other cultures, Playa del Carmen has a world of history and adventure.

Chichen Itza, located two hours away from town, shows us how the Mayas lived their last years. In fact, this zone is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, a must-visit place to dive into Mexican culture and immerse yourself in Maya wisdom.


descarga (1)


Chichen Itza is not the only archaeological area around Playa del Carmen. Tulum is quite easy to reach, where you will be able to admire an ancient Maya trade city situated next to the sea, a landscape that is not easy to find elsewhere in the world. Besides, it takes just an hour to get there and transportation is really easy to get; there is always more than one way to get around.  


If you are a culinary expert


Sandos Caracol resort Salvia vegetarian restaurant 2


Playa del Carmen, the city where world cuisine comes together. Mexican food is superb (named a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO), and if you’re an expert, you are going to take it to a new level.  Downtown offers the best restaurants, some of them with Michelin Stars, Triple A certifications and more.


Sandos Cancun Seasons restaurant appetizer


And there’s more! We are located in a key point for world cuisine. Latin options are uncountable, from a good Argentinian steakhouse to a delicious Peruvian ceviche. And of course, there’s always a good wine to pair with your food.

If you are looking for a wedding destination


Mexico destination weddings all inclusive resorts


It’s not just a trend. It is a dream come true. The most important day of a couple’s life has become the most important one for us, too. And why wouldn’t it be if you’ll fall in love with our ocean views, serene landscapes, and crystalline waters that inspire you to say, “I do.”


Beach towns are popular locations for destination weddings, and Playa del Carmen is no exception, but we do offer one-of-a-kind scenery! It might be a casual wedding next to the ocean or a huge celebration, or perhaps something more private on a magical rooftop terrace, or maybe surrounded by a cenote.



Sandos Playacar beach destination wedding


If you’re living the best day of your life, why not go for a whole unforgettable week, or more?


So, what was your score? Did you say yes to any of our points? If so, it means Playa del Carmen is ideal for your vacation this year. Get ready and just go for it: The best trip of your life is about to begin, and we’re ready for you at Sandos Playacar and Sandos Caracol.


If you are ready to travel, pick your days and visit us.

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