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Initiatives for reducing environmental impact you can do at home

Posted on 3 m read

You probably would like to be on vacation now at a heavenly beach but the current public health situation requires us to get out on the streets as little as possible. And believe it or not, there are many things you can actually do in your day-to-day life to help give the planet a break from the huge environmental impact we cause with our daily activities and from the comfort of your home!

Although it is true that the current human way of life implies by itself a generation of pollutants from which we cannot get away, we can compensate for this by taking actions that generate a positive ecological impact in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Sandos we want to help you to reduce your resource consumption and waste production through very simple actions that will benefit your community and even your finances.

Use energy efficiently

Start with the basics, make the most of natural light by keeping the curtains open until nightfall, Replace the bulbs with energy-saving lamps and unplug the devices that you are not using.

If you had the chance of working from home, try to do so in the same room that everyone else uses for work and study, in order to keep the fewest lights and appliances on, such as air conditioners and televisions. 

Set a meal time for everyone in the house, that way the stove and oven will be turned on only once. Also, the dishwasher can be used to wash all the dishes at once. You will notice a decrease in electricity and gas consumption!

Be responsible with water

We have seen this advice everywhere for many years, but there is no harm in repeating it: use water responsibly. Start by checking the pipes and repairing all leaks, no matter how small they seem.

You can adapt buckets or basins to collect the water you use to wash your hands, wash the dishes or bathe and reuse it for another activity such as watering plants, washing the car or other domestic activities.

Turn on the washing machine only when it’s full, so you use water and electricity more efficiently. Also try to use biodegradable cleaning products in order to take advantage of the previous point.

Control your waste production

This is one of the most complicated parts but also one that can help to make an environmental difference. To reduce our waste, we must think about it right from the moment we buy a product. Just in the big cities, each resident throws away more than 150 bags of garbage every year!

Begin by reducing the use of plastics, from tupperware for food storage to garbage bags. Look for more sustainable options including using glassware and reusable airtight containers to dispose of waste.

Give a second chance to your everyday items. Once they have accomplished their primary function, look for new ways to change their use. There is a whole world of possibilities on the internet ranging from decorative to functional, you will be surprised!

Once a product has completed its useful life, replace it with a plastic-free biodegradable item. You will find materials that are environmentally and health friendly.

Do not use straws, they have a very short lifespan and their function can be easily replaced by drinking directly from the container. If you really have to use them, opt for the reusable options or, alternatively, for the biodegradable ones.

At the supermarket, avoid unnecessary packaging. Bring a cloth bag and containers where you can carry the food.

If you have space in your garden, create a compost or vegetable garden to have organic products at your disposal which you can use in your kitchen or as decoration.

Team up with your neighbors to separate the waste and ask the local government for measures to support recycling and waste management.

In Sandos we aim to generate a positive climate change and to induce a transformation in our visitors for the benefit of everyone in the world, will you help us?  

What other actions do you think you could do from home to help the environment?

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