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Here’s How Our Resort Got Such Great Customer Service

Devoted to service, Humberto Rodriguez tells us what it’s like to live the Sandos experience from a professional perspective.

It was in 2007 when Humberto Rodríguez joined the team as Sandos Caracol‘s waiter captain, perhaps without imagining the entire career that awaited him within the “Sandistas” family, as Sandos employees call themselves.

Humberto is a family man; he has been with his significant other for 18 years, and he has two children who love Sandos Caracol and have fun every time they visit thanks to the many activities offered by the resort.

When it comes to the activities at Sandos Caracol, Humberto says he’s torn between the cultural side and the eco experiences. His favorites activities are “The Fire of Life“, a spectacular Maya ritual of darkness and fire that takes place in the jungle at Plaza del Sol; and swimming in the Jade River, where kids and adults can get to know the mangroves of the hotel from another perspective.

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The Power of Customized Service at Our Resort

When it comes to the professional side, Humberto was promoted to Food and Beverage Assistant thanks to his level of commitment and responsibility after being on the team for four years. In his own words, this position continues to be a huge motivator because of the challenges he faces day by day: “There’s a lot of work, many things you can do every day to do your job and make a difference with our guests.”

His work has stood out among the team thanks to his kindness and customer service, which has not gone unnoticed among our guests, who constantly leave positive reviews and comments about him.


As an anecdote, Humberto remembers a couple who spent their all inclusive vacation in Playa del Carmen, but there was a misunderstanding, which was why he decided to meet and personally attend to them to resolve the situation.

Long story short, the couple was so impressed by the great service provided by the team and by Humberto, that they decided to become members of the vacation club, as Humberto still recalls.

“It’s very satisfying to know that everything you do makes a difference, to exceed your own expectations,” he said with a smile on his face, while telling us how much he enjoys seeing families returning to the hotel, creating bonds and friendships with people from all over the world.

10 Years as a Member of the Sandos Team

He says that what has led him to develop his career for these 10 years at Sandos is the constant learning, since he develops his creativity day by day, giving solution to all kinds of situations.


Finally, we asked him for any advice he can give to the new generations just entering the workforce; Humberto told us, “They must commit. As long as you want to learn, opportunities are given every day.”

We could not agree more! Humberto is a true role model, and we’re proud to have people like him on the Sandos team.

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1 Comment
  • Frans meijerink
    March 30, 2018

    Humberto is for everyone. If you have problems he will solve it.He wants everyone to be happy in Sandos.Is no matter if you come here for the first time or for the tenth time .And all the people who work at Sandos are good. Humberto we hope to see you speak many years and laugh together. See you soon.
    Gr.Frans en Lia