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Hot and Spicy at Sandos

Getting Hot and Spicy at Sandos Playacar

We’ve got all the flavor you need! The on-site plant nursery at Sandos Playacar Beach Experience Resort has been growing a variety of chile peppers since April 2013. Here, you’ll find jalapeños, habaneros, xcatic and chile de árbol. A few months later, we’re already seeing some great results!

hot and spicy
The entrance to our nursery… Stop on by!

Lorenzo and Don Nico are in charge of all the plants, trees, vegetables and fruits at the nursery, and they recently  handed over 500 grams of super-spicy habanero chiles and chiles de árbol (tree chile) to the Sandos Playacar chefs. These chiles will be used to make mouthwatering salsas for Sandos guests to enjoy during their Mexico vacation!

And look how our habaneros and chiles de árbol started out back in May… what a change!

Want to bring some Mexico flavor back home? Chiles are easy to grow! Here are some simple steps for growing your own chile, straight from the Sandos Playacar environmental team:

1. Choose the kind of chile you’d like to grow. Our habaneros and chile de árbol are pretty spicy, but it’s easy to find plenty of milder chiles.

2. Let the seeds dry in the sun.

3. Prepare a somewhat tall pot with soil and a little compost (1/3 compost for the amount of soil you put in the pot)

4. Plant 3 – 5 chile seeds about 3 times as deep as the size of the seed (close to the surface)

5. Water regularly

6. Make sure it gets sun, but not all day

7. Make sure it stays away from too much wind and cold

8. After a few weeks, you’ll see results!

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