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Experience Xcalacoco

Posted on 1 m read

Experience Xcalacoco At Sandos Caracol

The Xcalacoco Experience started this December 21th at Sandos Caraco Eco Resort & Spa, in a nod to the end of the Mayan calendar. Even though popularized predictions about December 21, 2012 on the Mayan calendar, Mayans actually view this event as one where humans reconnect with their surroundings, mainly with nature.

Guests of Sandos Caracol will be absorbed in the spirit of this holistic experience designed around the resort’s exclusive location.

This adventure activities included swimming in underground cenotes (considered by Mayans as the entrance to the underworld), walking through the green mangrove forests to watch over 60 species of wildlife. Also, the guests will be able to discover the ancient archaeological of Xcalacoco.Experience Xcalacoco
These days of authentic reenactment of a sacred Mayan journey celebrating the return from a major spiritual journey along with the idea of reconnecting heaven and earth, nature and humanity, knowing how local natural elements are use to create ancient healing treatments with a Mayan herbalist, and observing religious and celebratory ceremonies in a Mayan temple, are part of this great adventure that brings the Mayan tradition and respect for the earth into modernity through planting trees and local vegetation, viewing the NASA developed Magic Planet program on Climate Change and learning how we can participate in sustainable initiatives.

Don’t miss this great adventure at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa. Live Xcalacoco Experience!


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