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Ecotourism in Mexico, a world of possibilities

Suppose you are tired of seeing buildings, concrete, and steel everywhere in the city and want to connect with nature again. In that case, it is time for you to give ecotourism a chance in Mexico, a way of traveling that allows you to reconnect with yourself while you get away from the hustle and bustle and daily stress of big cities.

ecoturism in mexico

By delving into nature during your next vacation, not only will you be enjoying the natural attractions, but you will also be promoting the care of resources while helping the development of local species, who often depend on ecotourism to survive.

For Sandos, it is very important that you not only experience the ultimate vacation experience and taste the wonderful gastronomy of our restaurants, but we also want to encourage you to explore our destinations and experience everything they have to offer up close, especially when it comes to ecology. 

ecoturism in mexico

Mexico offers experiences in an infinity of ecological zones where you can relax, connect with your loved ones, and even embark on an extreme adventure. From north to south, the diverse ecosystems flora and fauna change, making it so rich that our country has earned the status of megadiverse. For this reason, no matter which region you visit, you will always find a corner where you can practice ecotourism activities and where you can take actions that allow the care of endangered species.

The Best Eco Friendly Vacation Spots

The best example of a sustainable ecofriendly resort is not in Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta it is in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Sandos Caracol is the first all-inclusive hotel that not only conserves the biosphere reserve surrounding the resort but also promotes sustainable travel (responsible travel) and long-term conservation.

Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Sandos Caracol employs local guides and marine biologists to ensure that the natural areas such as the cenote and river system are treated with respect and kept pristine to maintain a healthy balance with the surrounding ecosystems.

The resort is just a short flight away from Mexico City and people in the US can fly direct to Cancun from a number of cities including Chicago. The eco hotel is popular with wildlife lovers who flock here to see spectacles such as the monarch butterfly migrations, and watch the howler monkeys, peacocks, spider monkeys, that are found on the grounds daily. Gusts can also take part in a number of eco tours and day trips.

If whale watching is on your bucket list then heading to Sandos Finisterra during the winter will allow you to spot whales from your beachfront suites, or you can organize a tour through our concierge.

Swimming with whale sharks

One of the most complete and diverse areas of Mexico is the Riviera Maya, where you will find all kinds of recreational activities to get closer to nature in ways that will change your perspective of the world. Imagine seeing the birth of a turtle or realizing how small the human being is when swimming with the sea’s titans, such as the whale shark; imagination is the only limit.

Ecotourism In The Riviera Maya

This southern region is home to three of our resorts, with a strategic location,  perfect as a starting point for any of the excursions you decide to do in the area. Whether you want to spend a quiet day observing endemic birds, admire the beauty of the sea turtles up close, get lost in the jungle while swimming in a legendary cenote, or simply rest very comfortably in front of the sea a few steps from the jungle, Sandos Cancun, and Sandos Playacar will welcome you with open arms.

Baby sea turtles hatching on the beach.

At the Riviera Maya, you will find our star of the jungle, Sandos Caracol. This hotel offers a magical experience with nature. Little by little, discover the exhilarating secrets that the jungle tucks away, from a water park for the whole family to natural wonders such as cenotes. Let yourself be carried away by the All Nature Experience program.

ecotourism in mexico

Regardless of your age, you can fully enjoy activities as simple as planting a tree and as exciting as crossing a mangrove river. It is also the perfect setting for romance; you can start the day by kayaking or cycling, while at sunset, a romantic boat ride that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. If you need reasons to visit Sandos Caracol, this complete program is guaranteed to give you plenty.

Ecotourism In Los Cabos

Los Cabos tourist corridor in the southern part of Baja California Sur is the door to a vast and wonderful marine life, unique in the world. In this paradise that combines a desert ecosystem with the Pacific Ocean’s secrets, you will find activities that you will undoubtedly remember for a lifetime.

ecotourism in mexico

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the coast and meet friendly sea lions resting on the rocks, or admire the arrival of the humpback whales either from the top of the mountain or aboard a boat if you want to experience their greatness up close.

Sandos Finisterra is the ideal place for an adventure in Los Cabos, as it is not only located a few steps from emblematic sites such as El Arco, but the situation also provides easy access to the entire tourist corridor, offering an unsurpassed view of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Cabo San Lucas

Don’t think twice and start planning your next ecotourism adventure in Mexico; you have many paces to choose from; the only thing you have to do is pick a point on the map and start exploring all of the possibilities around it.

If you have any questions or want to consult with the professionals, meet with our Seek & Go representatives upon arrival, they will gladly give you a variety of activities in nature to choose from that you can enjoy comfortably, but above all safely.

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