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Eco Spa Experience | The Nature Of Relaxing

A trip to the Spa is something we all look forward to, relaxing while all stresses go away! A proper spa treatment is something everyone needs, and at Sandos Caracol, it is never just a typical day at the Spa, it’s something much more unique! 

Sandos Caracol offers a variety of Eco Spa treatments that are performed in many different ways, rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. 

Jungle Massage 

eco spa

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a massage in the jungle. This incredible massage is not only among flora and fauna of the beautiful Riviera Maya Jungle, but it takes place on a platform overlooking a beautiful mangrove river. 

Body Treatments  

Would it truly be an eco spa experience if natural ingredients weren’t used? No, we didn’t think so, but luckily during your rejuvenating body treatments at Sandos Caracol, they use natural ingredients like cocoa and aloe vera, resulting in a soothing experience for your skin and your entire body allowing you to feel refreshed and renewed for the rest of your vacation.


ozone purification

Experience an eco spa like no other as you indulge in one of the many rituals Spa del Mar has to offer. All the way from a romantic massage underneath the stars to mind and body rituals to prehispanic inspired treatments to purification ceremonies! Whatever you may choose, we promise you haven’t tried it before, check out all the unique rituals here:


The Temazcal 


Dating back centuries to the prehispanic era, the Temazcal is a Mayan sweat lodge that through a ceremony, helps eliminate toxins, purify the respiratory and digestive systems, stimulate blood circulation, and many other benefits. If you want to truly leave an eco spa feeling like new, this is the perfect treatment for you.  

Relaxation level: Cenote

Better than a hot tub

Not only does Sandos Caracol offer an Eco Spa unlike any other, but it offers so much more to make sure that you keep relaxed and rejuvenated even after your treatment. We´re talking about cenotes! Enjoy one of the many onsite cenotes at Sandos Caracol as their ancient crystal clear waters take you into complete tranquility. Float alongside fish and turtles while the properties of the cenote rejuvenate your mind and body! At Sandos Caracol, they use everything to complete a one of a kind eco spa experience, including their surroundings! 


Did Someone Say Kids Spa?

lifetime warranty - invest in your health

Now, if you´re thinking this is amazing, and you wish you could share this experience with your kids, the good new is that you can.

We understand that being a kid can be tough sometimes, so that´s right, Sandos Caracol also boasts a kids spa so that kids can also experience these incredible treatments and have the same opportunity to relax and take in a day at the spa! 

Whatever it may be, Sandos Caracol has it for you, and they offer it in a unique way! You deserve a relaxing day at the spa, so what are you waiting for? Check out the whole Eco Spa Experience at Sandos Caracol HERE

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