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Discovering Xenses Adventure Park

Posted on 10 m read

Vacation is all about trying new things and going on exciting adventures, but finding the perfect excursion to embark on during a vacation can be difficult. In Quintana Roo, there are many places to explore, so choosing the right journey to venture on is essential during a getaway in paradise. Xenses park, one of the many adventure parks in the Riviera Maya, offers an incredible experience for everyone who visits! Learn more about this unique park and why travelers need to see it during a vacation in Mexico, but be careful; nothing is what it seems. 

What is Xenses, and Where is it Located? 

Xenses Park is one of the many parks of the Xcaret Groups family. It’s located next to the Xcaret park and is about 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. This excursion is unlike any other available to visit as it is filled with optical illusions, activities, and puzzles meant to test visitors’ senses, emotions, and thoughts. 

At Xenses, visitors can partake in 14 different activities and witness over 50 sites and features throughout the park. Those planning on visiting Xenses during their vacation should expect a half-day excursion, and it takes about 4-5 hours to complete. Guests staying at one of 3 Sandos hotels in the Riviera Maya can book their trip to this incredible park through the representatives at Seek & Go

Endless Amount of Activities to Be a Part of Xenses

One of the best things about Xenses is that it’s a day park available for the entire family, guaranteed to add to an unforgettable vacation. Each activity will make everyone in the group question reality as they know it. 

Here’s a list of some of the main attractions guests can partake in during their trip to Xenses: 

El Pueblo

El Pueblo Xenses

El Pueblo, or “The Town,” is the first attraction visitors will see. A fun fact about the Yucatan Peninsula is that it’s entirely flat, with no hills or mountains, but El Pueblo will make anyone feel otherwise. This town is designed to challenge guests’ balance and sense of direction. It looks like the street is going upwards, but the path goes downward when walking forward. 

Pro Tip: Due to the incredible effect, it is very disorienting. So, if anyone in the group experiences motion sickness easily, they should bring some medication. 

The Slip 

This part of the park is one of the favorites for those who love to go down waterslides. However, this slide isn’t like the ones in a standard waterpark. As one of the first water activities, visitors start zipping down the descent through the jungle before heading into a dark tunnel and eventually entering an underground cave. 

The pool of water at the end of the slide is about 3 to 5 feet deep, so those doing this attraction should know how to swim. After exiting the fall, a short, dimmed path does a fantastic job testing the senses through different sensory challenges before heading to the next activity. 

Bird Flight

For many, soaring through the air just like a bird in one of their fantasies, allowing the wind to blow through their hair and see the world from a different perspective. Well, Xenses Bird Flight does just that. After emerging from a cave, one of the expert guides at Xenses will equip each group member with a harness and safety gear before heading them on their way, soaring through the air. This activity is similar to ziplining, but guests lie face down instead of sitting in a sitting position. 


Now, not all of the experiences at Xenses are exactly “clean,” but guests shouldn’t worry; the Lodorama is strangely relaxing. This attraction is essentially a mud bath and has guests wade through a mixture of mud and water in a dimly lit tunnel. A tip for those who partake in this attraction is not to dip their head into the water, as the mixture can irritate the eyes and other parts of the face. 

Travelers shouldn’t worry and think that they will have to be stuck with mud on their bodies throughout the rest of the excursion. Once leaving the Lodorama, there is rain activity. The guests walk through a tunnel where water is sprayed in different directions, rinsing off the mud. 


This is one of the most relaxing attractions of the Xenses experience. Allow all stresses and worries to be washed away by the refreshing water in this relaxing river through the caves at Xenses. All guests need to do is lay back and let the slow current drag them along as they close their eyes and allow all of their senses to take over. Take this time to reflect and allow complete calmness to take over. 


This man-made cave is one of the most daring adventures in the park! Visitors travel through a completely dark man-made cave designed to heighten all of the other senses like smell, touch, and hearing. While going into a dark space with no light might resemble something like a haunted house, guests shouldn’t worry as it’s completely safe. There is nothing going to hurt or scare anyone who enters this tunnel. 

This is one of the most emotional activities of the Xenses experience as it is often described as extremely beautiful, inspirational, and liberating. Upon finishing the activity, guests are greeted with an incredible view featuring many different species of birds and a flowing waterfall. 

Important Information: This activity is done in complete darkness. Therefore, those who are claustrophobic are not recommended for this activity. 

Xitric Garden


As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” except at Xenses, the lemonade comes out of a tree! Yes, that’s right, take a refreshing break from trying out all of the different activities and stop for a drink of cold, fresh, and natural lemonade that pours out of the tree. In addition to this delicious drink, the entire area smells like lemons and is the ideal place to enjoy the surrounding nature before heading on to the next activity. 

Not Just About Activities, Remember to Stop and Smell the Roses Xenses

While Xenses park is well-known for its mind-boggling activities, there is so much more to witness during your day exploring this wonderful place. Xenses is located within the Riviera Maya, home to different fauna and flora to enjoy during your visit. Visitors should always take the time to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful area and visit with the animals who freely roam the park. 

How Much Does it Cost and How Can Travelers Book This Unforgettable Experience?  Xenses

So, how can a traveler book this unforgettable experience during their getaway to the Riviera Maya, and how much will it cost? Guests staying at Sandos Hotels & Resorts in Cancun or Playa del Carmen can buy their ticket to Xenses Park through the on-site tour agency, Seek & Go. One of the representatives located within the hotel will be more than happy to help book the experience and arrange transportation to and from the park. The prices for admission to the park range between the ages: 

  • Adults: 1,385.80MXN 
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11: 692.80 MXN

*Kids under the age of 5 are not permitted to enter the park..

**Prices may vary as transportation is an added cost.

Included with the Xenses Park Tour:

  • 14 Different Activities (Water & Land)
  • Visual Games 
  • Optical Illusions 
  • Various Scenarios 
  • Lock, bathrooms, showers 
  • Free Parking

Amenities and Services at an Extra Cost: 

  • Souvenirs in the Gift Shop
  • Photos from the park’s cameras 
  • Food from the snack and drink bar

What To Bring & Things to Keep in Mind   Xenses

Xenses Park is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. Guests can enjoy this excursion in the morning or afternoon as it takes about 5 hours to fully complete and take part in the different attractions around the park. As guests will be on their feet and participating in different activities both on land and in the water, we recommend that they bring: 

  • Comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts
  • Tennis shoes and sandals 
  • Towel 
  • Hat 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent (The park requires that all sunscreens and repellents are bio-degradable to protect the fauna and flora)
  • Change of clothing
  • Snacks (There are food and drinks available at the snack bar, but they are at an extra cost). 
  • Cash or credit card for any extra expenses

What to Expect with Seek & Go

Our mission at Sandos is to provide all of our guests with experiences and one-of-a-kind moments that will last a lifetime. There should never be a dull or stressful moment during the entire vacation, and that’s why booking and going on tours is made that much easier with our tour agency, Seek & Go. Guests can easily talk with one of our representatives and learn about the different things they can do during their tour. 

The knowledgeable Seek & Go Staff will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries that guests have to ensure they feel completely relaxed during the booking procedure and their time at the park. Should a group of guests need transportation to and from the park, a shuttle can be arranged at an extra cost. In addition, guests can expect a team of professional and knowledgeable tour experts during the entire process with Seek & Go. 

Other Parks To Visit During a Getaway in the Riviera Maya 

While visitors should never miss a chance to visit Xenses during their visit to this wonderful paradise, there is so much more that they can do to make their vacation even more memorable. Xenses is only one of the parks associated with the Xcaret Group. There are many more different and exciting ones for the ideal day excursion close to Playa del Carmen. 


Excitement for the entire family is around every corner at Xplor Adventure Park! Visitors are embodied by thrill as they take part in a wide array of different activities, including: 

  • Ziplining through the jungle like a bird, witnessing incredible views as they feel the warm breeze of the Caribbean rush through their hair. 
  • Venturing through caverns on a raft while exploring all of the hidden secrets of the underground world. 
  • Unleashing the wild side while driving deep within the jungle and seeing the incredible local flora and fauna. 


This park is ideal for those who are looking for a refreshing excursion in the crystal clear waters of the Riviera Maya. Guests need to make sure to bring their bathing suits as there is a seemingly endless amount of aquatic activities, including: 

  • Snorkeling in freshwater cenotes
  • Walking paths through the jungle 
  • Swings with a drop into the water 
  • Ziplines 
  • One of the largest water slides in the area
  • And more 

As an added perk of visiting this park, alongside the fun activities, guests are treated to all-inclusive amenities and services during this excursion as admission includes: 

  • Multiple open bars 
  • Various restaurants including buffet style, Mexican cuisine, grilled meats, and international cuisine


Experiencing the local culture is essential during any traveler’s getaway. Luckily, those visiting Playa del Carmen or Cancun have plenty of opportunities to get in touch with everything that makes Mexico and the Riviera Maya amazing. Xoximilco allows guests to connect with Mexican culture in a fun way through music, cuisine, games, dancing, and so much more. Guests spend a remarkable evening enjoying: 

  • A carnival called a kermes with games, skits, and musical surprises
  • A ride on the water on a colorful gondola 
  • Delicious Mexican cuisine 
  • Open bar 
  • Various musical groups 

Those staying at Sandos Hotels & Resorts in Playa del Carmen or Cancun can also book these excursions through the on-site tour agency Seek & Go. 

Accommodations Xenses

While travelers are out exploring these outstanding excursions, they will need a place to stay. We guarantee they will fall in love with our all-inclusive properties that offer fun, thrill, and relaxation throughout every moment. The only difficult decision guests will have to make is which one of the excellent resorts to stay at. 

Sandos Playacar 

This is the place for those searching for a beautiful beach to be part of their vacation in paradise. Situated on a white-sand beach, Sandos Playacar boasts activities, cuisine, performances, and services designed to please the entire family. From 2 mini aqua parks and an 18-hole golf course to a detailed day and evening entertainment program, guests always have something to do during their getaway. 

Sandos Caracol 


Situated deep within the jungle, travelers indulge in a true eco-getaway surrounded by the local flora and fauna. At Sandos Caracol, guests have the chance to snorkel in freshwater cenotes, swim down a mangrove river, witness performances outlining the Mexican culture, enjoy delicious cuisine, and take advantage of premium all-inclusive amenities. 

Sandos Cancun


The best of one the most desirable vacation hot spots in the world are found at Sandos Cancun. Through music, activities focused on the well-being of guests, exceptional cuisine, and engaging performances, all combined with an incredible location on a white-sand beach in the Cancun Hotel Zone, guests get it all! 

So, are you ready to visit the extravagant and mind-boggling Xenses park during your getaway? You are not going to miss it! Remember to book the ticket to Xenses through our on-site tour company Seek & Go for an unforgettable time during this one-of-a-kind excursion!

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