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Deadly Beauty: The 3 Day of the Dead Women

Posted on 3 m read

Meet death in the Riviera Maya

As Day of the Dead casts its shadow over Mexico, the country fills up with vibrant colors, dark comedy, candlelight, the scent of millions of marigold flowers and the glisten of beautifully decorated sugar skulls. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see altars of all sizes designed to honor those who have passed away, and families across Mexico prepare to welcome their deceased loved ones back to the land of the living.

Day of the Dead is also a time to pass down centuries-old legends of hauntings and deadly spirits, but always with Mexico’s humorous and colorful take on death. This November 1 and 2, Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort in the Riviera Maya will host its two-day Day of the Dead Celebration, and we’ve invited many of Mexico’s most deadly women of lore to tell their tales:

 Catrina costume Day of the Dead

1. The Catrina

Known for her eerie beauty and beautiful gowns, the Catrina is one of the most famous Day of the Dead icons. This skeleton woman was created in 1913 by Mexican artist Jose Guadaupe Posada as a satire of indigenous Mexicans who pretended to be European aristocrats, but she didn’t become famous until the 1940s when painter Diego Rivera included her in one of his famed murals in Mexico City and gave her the name “Catrina”. Today, the Catrina skeleton can be seen throughout Mexico on Day of the Dead, in all kinds of artwork and artisanry, as well as costumes with elegant skeleton face paint and vibrant gowns. During the 2014 Day of the Dead Celebration at Sandos Caracol, you’ll have the chance to see many colorful Catrinas walking around the resort during our afternoon Catrina Parade.

2. Xtabay

The seductive and deadly Xtabay waits under the ceiba tree at night, luring men deeper and deeper into the jungle before she kills them and steals their souls. This ancient legend began with the Mayan people of this very region, and even today the men of the Yucatan Peninsula sometimes claim to have seen this temptress in the jungles of the Riviera Maya. During our “Legend of Xtabay” performance at Sandos Caracol, you’ll hear the full story behind what caused the beautiful Xtabay to transform into such a deadly spirit in search of vengeance.

3. La Llorona

This spirit is one of the most feared women in all of Mexico. La Llorona means “The Weeping Woman” in the Spanish language, and those who have seen her claim that she cries out looking for her lost children. La Llorona is doomed to wander the earth for all eternity as punishment for the deaths of her own children. Hear her tale and discover what brought her to this horrible punishment during our La Llorona performance on Sunday night during our Day of the Dead Celebration at Sandos Caracol resort.

 Day of the Dead Riviera Maya

These ladies of death aren’t all you’ll see at Sandos Caracol! Our upcoming Day of the Dead Celebration will also feature plenty of activities and crafts for the kids, in addition to a Mexican cemetery, mouthwatering Mexican cuisine, pumpkin carvings, jungle tours, our popular fire show and even altars created by our hotel employees. This exciting family event is part of our Xcalacoco Experience program, offering cultural events and nature activities throughout the year so our guests can learn all about the Riviera Maya’s ecosystem and Mayan heritage in an interactive way.

Join us at Sandos Caracol Eco Experience Resort on November 1 – 2, 2014 for our Day of the Dead Celebration, and experience this holiday’s most fascinating traditions for yourself. For the complete itinerary, visit us at

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