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Cycling in Benidorm

Due to its diverse terrain, you can partake in a wide array of bike tours in the Benidorm region. You’ll be able to discover different routes for those who just want to take a short ride and for those who want to challenge themselves on the majestic mountains. Get ready to cycling in Benidorm!

cycling in benidorm

Don’t miss out on these incredible tips because we are going to share some of the most spectacular routes that you can embark on during your memorable holidays in Benidorm. Get your equipment ready and start pedaling because the perfect temperature and memorable landscape is waiting for you.

One-of-a-Kind Relaxing Cycling Tours in Benidorm

Going out on your bike should be relaxing and fun; It should also be matched with remarkable scenery. These options are perfect for embarking on several simple routes through Benidorm and nearby towns.

In the city of Benidorm, you also have the option of renting bicycles from the town hall so that you can discover all of its wonders. To add more safety for cyclers, the city has been equipped with bike lanes!

Seafront Experience Cycling in Benidorm

On this special route, you will ride along the mesmerizing Levante Beach, which will lead you to the famed Poniente beach. When you embark on this route, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit so that you can take a refreshing dip on your way.

A Historic Route

On this route, ride through the city center and indulge in all of the historical masterpieces of this great city. Enjoy every corner of the area and let it enlighten your vacation.

The Route Through the Coastal Towns

Another amazing tour is to visit the towns of La Vila Joiosa, Altea, and Albir. All of them allow the adventurer to explore the memorable coastal areas while enjoying their engaging views. You will first have to be taken to the area where you start your journey and then complete the rest on the bike!

Guided Electric Bike Tours

In the city of Benidorm, you can also book a guided tour on an electric bike. There are a variety of different companies that provide these services, and you can book the one that best interests you. Pedal without effort to Sierra Helada and discover beautiful panoramic views of all of Benidorm.

Intermediate Level Cycling in Benidorm

Intermediate Level Cycling in Benidorm

When you are looking to enjoy the sport you love in a more active way, here are a few other cycling routes that are a bit more challenging.

Sierra Cortina, Finestrat

Start this 30 km route directly from Benidorm with a tough climb to the Sierra. However, once you have reached the town of Finestrat (we recommend that you stop to visit it), it gets easier when the descents begin.

Route Through the Coastal Towns of the Costa Blanca

While you can partake in all of these different routes by foot, you can increase the difficulty of leaving Benidorm by bicycle and reaching these towns pedaling to discover their charms:


On this route, you will get to know the towns closest to Benidorm without going up to the mountains in the area. In Callosa d’en Sarria, you will get to see the famous Fonts de L’Algar, and take a refreshing dip in its cold waters.

Routes for Seasoned Cyclers

Difficult Bendirom Cycling Routes

If you love adrenaline, then you will be able to indulge in the spectacular bike routes in the mountains. In addition, you can take the opportunity to discover the charms of the towns in the mountains, such as Guadalest, Tárbena, and more. We recommend that you stop for a drink at their local bars.

In the majestic mountains of Puig Campana, Sierra de Aitana, or Sierra Bernia, descend at full speed along the mountain trails. Do not forget to bring quality and safety equipment to carry out this type of route on your route. Then, depending on the path you decide to choose, you can cool off with a drink of cold water from the natural springs.

Cycling in Benidorm Castell de Guadalest

It has an approximate duration of 57 km, and until reaching Guadalest, it is all uphill, mainly by mountain road.


This route is challengingly long, and you must be well prepared. It lasts 120km, mostly by mountain road. But you will be able to discover one of the towns whose Moors and Christian festivals are of Cultural Interest.

Coll de rates, Tárbena

This is a high-level 90 km route. Once you arrive in Tárbena, you will witness beautiful panoramic views of the entire valley leading to Benidorm. You can return by going down Callosa d’en Sarria and stopping to visit the inland towns until you get back to your accommodation.

If you are an expert cyclist, don’t hesitate to find out about the different tests that take place throughout the year in Benidorm, such as the Costa Blanca Bike Race, the Volta a la Marina, etc. We hope this blog helped you for your cycling in Benidorm holidays.

Get ready to spend a fabulous day enjoying the coast and mountain landscapes while discovering the fruitful valleys that await you in the Costa Blanca.

If you want to experience a few different things during your visit to Benidorm, we recommend:

Before you get started on your adventure, do you have a place to stay? Cycling in Benidorm

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If you are not able to bring your bike to Benidorm, there are several companies in the area that are specialized in bicycle rental. Each company is trustworthy and always ready to provide you with personalized service and a bike that fits the adventure you will go on.

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