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Create Your Own Ceviche Recipe

Posted on 1 m read

Ultimate Ceviche Recipe

We’ve had a hot summer here in Cancun, but that didn’t stop the Sandos Cancun team from giving its guests a midday lesson in making a classic Cancun seafood recipe: ceviche.

Throughout Mexico’s Caribbean coast, ceviche is a popular way to cool off at lunchtime (unless you add habanero peppers, of course) with fresh ingredients like tomato, cilantro, onion and lime, plus a little salt and your favorite seafoods. To eat ceviche, just scoop it with a “totopo” (Mexican-style nacho chip) and enjoy!

At Sandos Cancun, the ceviche lessons offer guests several dishes to try, with unique twists on the traditional recipe. First the entertainment team prepared their version, mixing in cucumber, squid, octopus and lots of lime.

Next up was Chef Angel, who made the hands down crowd favorite: ceviche with Tecate beer, habanero pepper, fish, mango and cucumber.

Ceviche Recipe

He told his students that the most important part of making ceviche is the taste test. It’s easy to see why.

Chef Angel’s beer and mango ceviche was spicy, sweet and refreshing!

At the end of the lesson, each Sandos Cancun guest got the chance to sample from all the ingredients to mix their very own ceviche recipe right by the Caribbean Sea. Now that’s what I call a tropical vacation.

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