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Top 5 reasons to spend the holidays at the beach

Posted on 5 m read

It’s pretty obvious that you don’t need any excuse to travel to the beach, take a Caribbean vacation or go anywhere sunny, but just in case you feel like you need an extra reason… take a look at the TOP FIVE reasons you need to head to the beach for Christmas and New Years.


1. A sunny Christmas is always a great idea


Let’s all say it again one more time: You don’t need an excuse to travel! Especially when it means escaping the cold temperatures to enjoy the sun, sand and beach with some amazing weather in December.


Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Los Cabos and the Canary Islands have the best Christmas season thanks to their warm temperatures, which translates into a winter filled with beautiful 70℉. (That’s right! That’s our “winter weather”.)

In the mornings, you’ll be able to enjoy a piña colada by the ocean at Sandos Playacar, race down the water slides at Sandos Caracol’s water park, admire the best sunsets at Sandos Finisterra, and maybe even dance around the infinity pool at Sandos Cancun… all while wearing your bikini or bathing suit. Pretty nice, right?


2. You will not cook at all but still will eat delicious

Turkey, salmon, lamb… What’s your favorite dish for Christmas dinner? Sandos is sure to have it for you.

Did you know that every Sandos hotel has a buffet-style restaurant that will be serving the best dinners to celebrate the holidays?



Forget about spending all day cooking a huge meal. This is your time to have fun with your family, starting in the morning on the beach or at the pool, then relaxing while the best chefs cook for you. You’ll find the best selection of traditional meals with classic Christmas recipes and enticing New Year’s Eve menus. Besides, you won’t need to make a reservation, pay extra, or do any organization to have a spectacular family dinner at your home away from home: Sandos resorts. (Of course you can add something extra if you like, such as a private dinner, massages, and more.)


And then, after a holiday dinner, guess what? You can go straight to dancing and enjoying the best shows and special parties that we have planned for you at our Spain and Mexico resorts.


3. You will have that big party you want


Another great thing about traveling for the holidays, as you may have noticed from reading this far, is that you can just forget about planning and organizing. All you need to worry about is ordering your favorite drink and showing up on time for all your tours, excursions, parties, etc… and of course it will be a blast when you’re with your loved ones.



One example is a holiday stay at Sandos Cancun. Visiting this resort for their New Year’s celebration is the best idea because they’ve prepared THE party of the year! From sunup to sundown, you’ll find so much to do with your friends, your spouse, or the whole family.

And speaking of a family Christmas vacation, you’ll just love all the activities, celebrations and adventures you’ll find at Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar.


Traveling for New Year’s is all about relaxing.


That’s what some say, and if you want to welcome the New Year with the best vibes, then your top choice might be Sandos Finisterra. But don’t believe everything you see in pictures… because this resort is ten times better! Sandos Caracol and Sandos San Blas are also ready to help you relax with some special celebrations to help you say goodbye to 2018.



4. A great opportunity to create new traditions


If there are thousands of reasons to travel, then one of the best reasons is so you can get to know a new beach destination in a new country. What an incredible way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!



This way, you’ll get to experience Mexico’s magical culture and our unique cuisine, where not everything is about tacos. If you go to Los Cabos, you’ll be able to visit our “Pueblos Mágicos” (Magic Towns), where you’ll love the traditional food and learn all about our cuisine (which has been named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco).


And if you want to welcome the New Year with new energy, a visit to Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and the Caribbean beach will turn you into a whole new person.



Without a doubt, traveling during this time of year will be a wonderful experience for you because all countries are happy to welcome travelers from across the globe. Traveling to another country for the holidays will help change your yearly routine.

INVIGORATE YOUR VACATIONS and experience a different kind of holiday with the people you love when you SHARE A CHRISTMAS VACATION WITH THE FAMILY.


5. The best time to share with your family as you deserve

Did you know that year by year less families get together or if they does, they won’t share, talk and hang out together as before?


Remember when you use to prepare dinner together, dance or share traditional activities between all of you? Well, it is time to do it again like old times.



Many times and for many reasons like streess, work, etc, we forget what is really important so travelling to the beach might be the best moment to travel to the beach. Christmas and New Year’s eve is the moment to reconect with what is important.


As said before, you will not need to cook, wash dihes, organize or move everything around to have fun. The only thing you need to do is to book at Sandos Hotels and check-in to joy! and better yet, surrounded by your family.




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