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Cesar Millan Weekend at Sandos Caracol

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Promoting Dog Adoption in the Riviera Maya

At Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, we’re proud to be able to say that our staff and our guests are all animal lovers!

And of course, what animal lover doesn’t love dogs?

For this reason, we welcomed famed dog expert Cesar Millan, star of the NatGeo WILD show “Leader of the Pack”, to visit Sandos Caracol for a weekend dedicated to spreading awareness on dog adoption in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. On April 23 and 24, we hosted Cesar Millan Weekend at Sandos Caracol with two days of memorable dog events to benefit the animal shelters of the Riviera Maya.

Saturday, April 23: Cesar Millan Meets the Riviera Maya

On Saturday, Cesar took advantage of his time in Playa del Carmen to visit one of the local dog shelters present at the event: SOS El Arca (“SOS The Ark”). This small shelter is one of the most in need, providing shelter and care for former street dogs while they wait to be adopted.

In the evening, Sandos Caracol Eco Resort hosted a small Meet & Greet Cocktail Party where attendees had the opportunity to meet Cesar Millan and take pictures with him, all while enjoying refreshing cocktails and innovative vegan hors d’oeuvres. We were thrilled to welcome 70 guests, mostly Riviera Maya locals who love animals as much as we do.

After the cocktail party, a Mayan warrior led Cesar to the night’s much-awaited VIP dinner along with dinner attendees and our three xoloitzcuintle dogs; the entire group entered the jungles of Sandos Caracol, where they feasted on a mouthwatering dinner while viewing our spectacular Mayan show called The Fire of Life.

100% of ticket sales from the Meet & Greet and the VIP Dinner were distributed among the animal shelters of the Riviera Maya.

Vegan hors d'oeuvres

Cesar Millan fan photo

Cesar Millan autograph

Riviera Maya vegan event

Mayan warrior shell

Xoloitzcuintle event

Cesar Millan VIP Dinner

Jungle dinner Riviera Maya

Mexican band

Riviera Maya jungle dinner

Sunday, April 24: It’s All About the Canines

Sandos Caracol hosted an all-day dog fair on Sunday, which included a doggie lounge where hotel guests could meet dogs that are up for adoption, dog-walking around the resort grounds, a special display for our rescued xoloitzcuintle dogs (Mexican hairless), animal face painting for kids, and a Sandos Market for local animal Riviera Maya shelters in search of forever homes for their dogs. We invited 9 Riviera Maya animal shelters to Sandos Caracol Eco Resort to spread awareness and give hotel guests the opportunity to adopt a local dog.

At noon, hotel guests and Riviera Maya locals alike had the chance to see Cesar Millan speak live at the Sandos Caracol theater. He told us his personal journey, explaining how his career began and how he became one of the world’s very best dog trainers. In addition to showing the most effective dog training techniques, Cesar also emphasized the importance of adopting pets instead of buying them, and why we should spay and neuter our dogs to prevent puppies from becoming street dogs.

Riviera Maya artist

Dog face paint

Sandos Caracol animal event

Dog adoption quote

Cesar Millan dog adoption

Cesar Millan conference

Sandos Caracol conference

Cesar Millan dog training

How Can You Help Riviera Maya Dogs?

We’d like to extend our thanks to Cesar Millan for visiting us at Sandos Caracol to spread awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering, and to shed a light on the benefits of dog adoption in the Riviera Maya.

SOS El Arca Riviera Maya animal shelter

Whether you’re living in Canada, the United States or right here in the Riviera Maya, you can adopt a dog from a local shelter! Below are links to the websites of the animal shelters present at Sandos Caracol Eco Resort. Click on the name of your favorite to find out how you can adopt, donate or volunteer.

Riviera Maya Animal Shelters

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