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Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos is often described as a beautiful and magical place. Located off the shore of the Pacific Ocean, all year round, travelers from across the world find themselves enjoying a vacation like no other in a place full of wonder and adventure. In Cabo San Lucas, there is never a bad time to travel; it all depends on what you like to do as a traveler. Here we are going to explain the best months to visit and the best times to visit Los Cabos. 

Best time to visit Cabo San Lucas | Weather Cabo San Lucas

Things that people need to think about before traveling come down to three things, whether you want to enjoy a nice time at the beach and explore the town, if you want to take part in fishing tournaments and see the beautiful sea turtles hatch their eggs, or if you want to witness the absolutely incredible season of whale watching. Whatever you choose to do, Los Cabos has it all and more.

The Weather in Cabo San Lucas

Like any part of the world, Cabo San Lucas experiences a wide array of different weather. From hot and rainy days to cooler night time breezes and hurricane season, the weather varies throughout the year. Here is a list of the average temperatures of Los Cabos in each month: 

  • January: 77.2°F
  • February: 79.2°F
  • March: 80.1°F
  • April: 83.7°F
  • May: 86 – 62.1 °F
  • June: 88.9 – 66.4°F
  • July: 91.8 – 73
  • August: 92.5 – 75.6°F
  • September: 91 – 74.1°F
  • October: 90 – 70.3°F
  • November: 84°F
  • December: 79.5°F

The rainy and hurricane seasons tend to take place between mid-May to mid-November. Hurricane season is known as storm season as it hasn’t seen a hurricane since 2014. Depending on the type of weather you like, it is easy to find the perfect time to go and visit Los Cabos in all of its beauty. 

The Best Activities and When To Do Them in Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watching 

One of the most spectacular things to see in the world, and often described as a mesmerizing experience, is whale watching in Cabo San Lucas. These majestic creatures make their way close to the shore where you can see them right from the beach, or even for a more exhilarating experience, out on the water with a tour guide. 

The best time to see whale watching is from mid-December to Mid- April. During these times, you can often find the perfect tour or spot to see firsthand whales jumping out of the water, seemingly waving to you before taking a splash. If you think you are a pro at cannonballs, you will think twice when you experience whale watching. 

Fishing Tournaments

Are you a master angler? Well, if you like to hit the open sea and try to snag yourself a delicious salt-water treat, Los Cabos is the place to do it. During the late summer and early fall, if you visit Los Cabos you will see plenty of locals and tourists taking on fishing tournaments. The ultimate test against international fishers to see who the best fisherman is! 

Turtle Hatching 


Another beautiful and natural event that takes place late August through to December is turtle hatchlings. Oftentimes, mothers, who themselves were born on the same beach, travel back to the beaches of Los Cabos to lay their eggs. Though turtle hatchlings are a very sensitive time, you can still be a part of the experience in your own way. 

It is asked that when you visit Los Cabos, you take extra care when walking on the beach, and if you encounter a turtle egg, or a baby trying to reach the ocean, you do not disturb it. There are programs in place to ensure the safety of these creatures, and most times, you can volunteer to help those who are protecting them from seeing firsthand their wonderful journey. 

A Beach Getaway 

Los Cabos boasts endless beaches for travelers to enjoy, and if you are looking for a beach getaway, look no further than Los Cabos. During May and June, when winter crowds have left and the rainstorm season hasn’t begun, it is one of the best times to build a sandcastle and enjoy a nice cocktail on the beach. 

The Best Time To Book a Vacation to Los Cabos

Getting good rates and finding the perfect hotel is essential to complete the ultimate Los Cabos experience. Since all year round, Los Cabos is the spot for numerous different activities and events such as whale watching, fishing tournaments, spring break, and winter getaways, it is always important to book early. 

Fortunately, at Sandos, we offer plenty of discounts and promotions for guests so that you can get the best deal during the time you want to travel. So whether you are traveling as a spring breaker, a family, a couple, or in a group, you can always count on Sandos for the best deals in an incredible location. 

All You Need to Know about Sandos Finisterra

Sandos Finisterra, a beautiful hotel situated along the mountainside of Los Cabos, is the perfect option for all ages of travelers craving a vacation like no other. 

With a perfect location, guests can indulge in amazing services, incredible amenities, relaxing spa services, and thrill activities. At Sandos Finisterra, you can easily access different excursions so that you can get the most out of your vacation at any time that you travel. 

We hope that you found everything that you are looking for and now know more about when to travel and the best activities you can indulge in throughout the year in Los Cabos, if you are thinking about traveling to the Riviera Maya, see here the best time to travel to Playa del Carmen!

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