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Sandos Guests Giving the Traditional Mexican “Grito” [watch the entire video]

Check out the best and worse Mexican grito attemps by our guests. The biggest Mexican celebration of the year is here: Independence Day!  And of  course our hotels in the Caribbean and Cabo are ready to have the best fiesta.

Did you know that we have a Mexican cry that has been a tradition since the Mexican Revolution? The “grito” is a spontaneous burst of emotion — a shout — that is part of the mariachi tradition.  Check it out:

In fact, some of our guests are already practicing their mariachi cries (the “grito” ) to fully experience the Mexican fiesta, and we asked some of them to give us a demonstration of their Mexican spirit on camera… with some pretty hilarious results!

So our youngest “grito” comes from Argentina. Bastian came to show us that he may actually have a Mexican side in his heart. He still has a lot of years to practice and become the best mariachi!

At Sandos Playacar, we tried “El Grito” with many guests, and we totally loved it; in fact, they have been celebrating Mexico for a week now with tequila games and eating tacos in chayita by the beach. Next comes this lady, who tried “El Grito” in her very own style!

Yeah ok, maybe she needed a little bit more tequila to make it perfect!

Have you ever watched Speedy Gonzales? A guest from Los Cabos has, and that’s how she celebrates Mexico.

She is definitely in a party mood and we are loving it!

But hey! If parties and celebration are what you’re looking for, our European guests are doing it great. Next we have two couples – please don’t be too hard on them, since after all, they’re still learning how to do “El Grito”.

Well, it’s been proven, no matter the distance, if you love Mexico, your voice will turn Mexican!

Although if  we’re talking about authenticity, us Mexicans are just the ones to show it off!

Well ok, not all Mexicans are good at “El Grito”, but we are still the best at drinking tequila (right?), eating tacos, and of course working hard to have a great country!

Well, going back to our foreign guests, here’s one that we didn’t get if he was trying “El Grito” or something else…

Can you get what it was?

Well, before we finish this blog, we want to share “El Grito” from the Sandos staff, and even though all of our guests’ “Gritos” were amazing… we have to take our hats off to our colleagues, but you can judge for yourselves….

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