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An unforgettable experience at Sandos Cancun

Posted on 3 m read

So you´re thinking about travelling to Sandos Cancun soon, or you have your bags almost ready, good news! This resort has a new way to further customize your trip to the most popular Mexican destination in the world.

Now Sandos Cancun has 2 new package proposals that you can buy before or during your stay to improve your experience even more, so if you are someone who is looking for a couple’s getaway in Cancun or you are someone who wants an incredible vacation without forgetting about your well-being and health, then one of these packages is perfect for you .

These packages were created so that you don’t miss a thing during your trip as a couple to Cancun and so that you don´t forget to keep in shape on vacation. Choose between a Romantic Getaway or Wellness and Health Package during your trip to paradise.


1. The Romantic Getaway Package

Imagine arriving at your room to spend a few days in paradise with the love of your life only to find a bottle of sparkling wine and delicious truffles, starting your holidays on the right foot. You walk around your room, and notice you have an incredible view of the ocean making you feel like you are on top of the world, sounds interesting?

For a soothing atmosphere, the relaxing aromatherapy will automatically put you in the romantic mood while you prepare for a surprise at the spa called “Cascade, Heat and Bubbles” , we won’t explain any more so as not to ruin your surprise.

In addition, during your romantic stay, you can also enjoy a special dinner to delight your five senses, this is an experience designed for you and your partner to enjoy the most, and re-discover each other’s romantic side during your romantic getaway to Cancun.

* Includes an upgrade to the Deluxe Room if applicable (subject to availability)

2. Wellness and Health Package

If you are worried about keeping in shape during your holidays (I mean: all inclusive + comfy bed = total relaxation …) we have you covered! 

And if you think that vacationing is a great way to start a life focused on wellness and health, we could not agree more, that’s why the Health and Wellness package is perfect for you. It includes a cooking class with our chef and vegan options in the restaurants. 

This experience is designed for your total comfort, so in addition to the exceptionally equipped gym that you will find in the resort, you will have a personal trainer in the gym, a training kit to use in the room, and we will even wash your sports clothes!

We also include a television channel on exercises and mindfulness in case you feel like a bit of extra motivation, and of course, a hydrotherapy circuit during your visit to the spa that will complete your experience with a well-deserved rest.

By the way, when you acquire this experience of Health and Wellness, you will also have a discount of 30% on sports massages for couples, you will love it!

We know that these new experiences will improve your stay and we are sure that you will be more than satisfied during your vacation in Cancun, so we invite you to put on your sunglasses and pack your suitcases because paradise awaits you with open arms, and so do we!

* Both packages have an additional cost to the rooms and a minimum stay of three nights in Sandos Cancun is required. Both packages include an upgrade to the Deluxe Room if applicable (subject to availability).


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