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A Spa on the Rocks!

Posted on 5 m read

What comes to your mind when you hear the word spa? Relaxation, vacations, therapy, beauty, health? Do you love everything we just mentioned? Keep reading, because you’re about to book the best massage you’ll ever try in Los Cabos and take the resort spa experience to an unbelievable level…

That’s not an exaggeration or a sales cliché! In fact, if you’re a spa expert or you just love to read about new techniques and the best spas, you’re sure to agree with us that our Cabo San Lucas spa is something quite different, with a concept you probably haven’t seen before.

SPA DEL MAR  surpasses everybody’s expectations thanks to its ideal fusion of the best therapists and the newest techniques inside a one-of-a-kind mountain spa.


About the location…


It was only natural that with the spectacular clifftop location of Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos, Spa del Mar would be located in one of the most stunning parts of the resort. Just imagine yourself checking in at the spa’s reception desk and immediately feeling the change in your body temperature thanks to the zero-humidity found inside the mountain, taking you over from head to toes.

After stopping by your locker to put on your bathrobe and slippers, the serene lighting will clear your mind of all thoughts, and you won’t be able to resist gliding your hand along the natural rock walls as you experience the mystical ambiance.




The mountain in Los Cabos is mainly limestone, which means it is ideal for construction. This kind of rock is often found near coral reefs since that’s essentially where it comes from. Over time, the coral reefs turn into sand, and with the right temperature the sand becomes the limestone rocks that will join you during your spa journey.

It seems as if the mountain itself let us place the spa here, turning it into the safest place to indulge in a massage. The main difference between this resort spa and any normal limestone construction is that Sandos Finisterra has kept the stone in its organic and natural state.




The ambiance makes it perfect…

Without a doubt, this place will leave you astonished. The first impression is so important. Whether you’re new to the spa world or an expert, this one is spectacular. Even the talent shown by our team of relaxation experts is easy to see at Spa del Mar by Sandos Finisterra.

The iconic desert scents balance your spirit while your body gives in to the spa’s cool atmosphere. Your eyes begin to believe what they’re seeing as you relax, little by little. Your hands soften as they feel each stone, and you’ll even want to walk barefoot to heighten the sensation. Nobody’s judging you. The mountain embraces you completely as it shares its best secrets…



The best techniques

By now, you’ll probably be relaxed already. What an experience! Shouldn’t every spa visit be just like this one? If your answer still isn’t a resounding “yes”, here’s where we tip the scales…

Of course Swedish massages, hot stones, or even sports massages are a must at every spa (and we love to boast that we’ve perfected them all at Spa del Mar); however, our expert therapists have also created the incredible Sandos Special and our signature rituals.

Let’s start with the Sandos Special. It lasts 80 minutes, and before you think that’s too much time for a massage, we have to warn you – you’ll be asking for five more minutes before getting up. This is a massage designed for the entire body, including reflexology and of course a scalp massage. We wouldn’t describe it as a sports massage since it’s a relaxation treatment, but we wouldn’t say it’s similar to a Swedish massage, either.



Now for our signature experience, the agave treatment. Los Cabos is located in a rocky, arid desert area that’s known for its typical Mexican plantlife. Agave (tequila plant) has highly beneficial properties for the skin. If you’re prone to oily skin, this is the natural remedy you’ve been looking for. This treatment lasts around 50 minutes, and we recommended for after a day at the pool or beach. It also has aloe, which you’ll love.




Complement your massage with the best views

Let’s say you were enraptured by the rocky mountain setting when you walked in, then you got so relaxed that maybe you fell asleep during your massage or body treatment. Well, the massage has ended and our therapists have given you a few minutes to free your spirit even more. You awaken with a sensation of serene happiness, with everything you need to smile at that S P E C T A C U L A R  view…




You gaze out over the mountains, the marina, and life itself.  You laugh because your mind is asking you to express that inexplicable feeling of nothing and everything, all at the same time. The blue color of the Sea of Cortez, and the sky’s harmonious blend of blue and orange. Any time of day is perfect for enjoying these views… there’s nothing more you need to add to this sublime experience… but wait, maybe there is…





You might have experienced hydrotherapy before or after spa service. This time, we recommend saving it for after. Every part of Spa del Mar is known for its impressive views. In this mountaintop location, you’ll have nothing else to ask for as you complete the experience by detoxing your body and purifying every pore of your skin. We also have a sauna and a steam room, all designed for the comfort of our guests so they can begin or end their Los Cabos vacation experience with the perfect touch.



You pick with whom you want to share this experience…

It’s completely understandable if you’d like to do it by yourself. It can be an ideal experience for reconnection and communication with your inner self, allowing you to change your energy and adjust whatever you need.

It’s also ideal for couples, who can match their vibes while balancing their emotions and communication. A truly romantic activity, especially if you reserve a special cabin and a couple’s package, where they’ll include a stunning sunset, strawberries, champagne, and most of all… LOVE! The perfect complement to a couple’s vacation.




On the other hand, if you’re having a family vacation, Spa del Mar is on top of new services, and we are having a blast with our new Spa Kids concept inside our beautiful facilities. Our staff is well-trained and prepared to maintain a sense of relaxation in every cabin, with harmonious spa experience even for the youngest members of the family.


And now, with whom will you be sharing this experience?  Meanwhile, we invite you to share this info with everybody, and we hope to see you soon to experience a one-of-a-kind day that you’ll hold in your heart forever.



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