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A magical celebration

Imagine a day to welcome the Autumn. A day when you can relax, enjoy nature, and experience the imposing Maya culture first-hand. A day like this already exists at Sandos Caracol, and it will come to life this September 22, 2017.

For our Maya ancestors, nothing was more significant than the movement of the sun. It meant so much that they built Chichen Itza and more than 70 other cities to immortalize it, with magnificent architectural complexes that provide shows four times a year.


These spectacles play with light and shadow, clearly exposing the advanced knowledge that the Mayas had of the behavior of the sun and its effects on the Earth through astronomy, mathematics, chronology, geometry, and religion.

At Sandos Caracol, we seek to honor this meaningful moment, the 2017 Autumn Equinox celebration, where day and night are the same length and the harvest season begins. Accompanied by the sacred fire, we welcome the new season and fill our eco resort with magic and tradition so that guests will feel surrounded by magical vibes and energy throughout the whole experience.


To begin the day, there is a meditation session that seeks to put the mind in balance and sharpen the senses, all within the perfect setting to connect with nature: the beach.

Then, two shamans perform a purification of body and spirit with a traditional Maya cleansing. When leaving, you will feel an overall quiet, healing and positive vibe, the perfect way to start a day full of adventures.

During the midmorning, the Popol Vuh Tour will take us through the jungle and mangroves inside the eco resort, while a tour guide shows the flora and fauna, and explains the uses our ancestors gave the plants because of their many properties.

Let’s not forget that this is a day of celebration, so be prepared to welcome the Autumn Equinox 2017! In the Sun Tribute, you’ll be able to celebrate with some drinks on the stunning beach while playing and listening to music that’s sure to have you dancing.


As an aditional activity (with extra fee), a traditional Temazcal session will be performed in a dome that emulates the maternal womb, in which the body is purified. During the ritual, red-hot stones are the base for some infusions of medicinal herbs that become steam, which reacts in the body. It has multiple benefits: it improves breathing, opens the skin pores, and removes impurities … but above all, it creates an atmosphere where there is absolute relaxation.


With so many activities, you can’t miss one of the great prides of Maya culture: its cuisine. One of our chefs will give a traditional cooking lesson, where you’ll learn to prepare some of the most delicious Mexican dishes with iconic flavors.


Throughout the afternoon, you’ll find several points where you can taste traditional snacks and meals, so don’t miss the “Grand Comal”! Here, you’ll take a culinary tour around Mexico and discover our country’s different flavors.


On Balam Avenue you’ll find the Maya Artisan Fair, where you can browse the colorful crafts and products made by local artisans (time for souvenirs!).


At dusk, we set up the Maya Face Painting Station, where we’ll paint your face with themes from the region’s fascinating Maya culture, perfect for when you go to the Shaman Encounter, where the Shaman will explain the true meaning of the 2017 Autumn Equinox celebration at Sandos Caracol.

During the Pok Ta Pok ceremony, learn about the traditional Maya ball game. Did you know its name came from the sound of the rubber ball bouncing?

With the Cenote Cristalino as a witness, you can attend the Tunnel of Time, an incredible virtual museum where you’ll learn about the history of the Maya civilization, and become fascinated by its world and mythical culture.


At nightfall, kids will have a blast at the Mexican Fair with interactive games on Balam Avenue, then parents and kids alike can get to know the history and astronomy behind the construction of Chichen Itza through an ongoing screening.


During the Children of the Sun Parade, traditional music and dance from the region’s pre-Hispanic culture will be performed, and for the children, there is the “Tribute to the Sun” Kids Club, where the little ones will have fun learning the way in which the Mayas viewed the sun and nature.


At the end of the day, you can marvel at The Night of Kukulcan Show as you learn the origins of the legend of the Feathered Serpent and why the Mayas worshipped him. To finish an unforgettable day, head to the Mexican Circus and bring your best dancing shoes because the Mexican-style music will get your feet tapping!


Starting at five in the afternoon, there will be Mexican music performed by different groups, all from various regions, so you will have to choose: mariachi, Yucatan band, marimba, sinaloense band, and jarocho band.


If you’re staying at Sandos Caracol on September 22, you simply can’t miss out on this celebration, one of the four magnificent annual events we have within the resort as a tribute to our Mayan ancestors, and as a show of respect for the traditions and nature that surround us every day. If you’re not here, don’t worry: you can still attend the Day of the Dead celebration on the first days of November.


Join the celebration and welcome the 2017 Autumn Equinox at Sandos Caracol! We’re sure that you and your family will be amazed by this experience. Click here to see the complete program of activities for September 22nd, 2017.

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