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6 Delicious Combinations at Cupcake Cafe That You Can’t Miss

Posted on 5 m read


Traveling to Sandos Playacar in the Riviera Maya is all about sea, beach, sand, sun, comfort and unique vacations, complemented by the best all inclusive dishes.

But guess what? It’s no surprise that we go above and beyond. We just love to get creative and surprise our guests every time, and there’s no better way to keep you falling in love with us than our Cupcake Café: the place for coffee lovers.




Every morning starting at 8 am (because you´re on vacation and your should not wake up that early) you can find not only the best cupcakes and coffees, but juices, teas, sodas and even sandwiches. You can visit it until 11 pm and ask for any craving to enjoy it there, by the beach or while watching a show.




Today, we present six mouthwatering combinations that you’re going to love on your next visit to this idyllic café located in the heart of Sandos Playacar, home to the best ambiance and the best view of our Gran Plaza from the terrace of this lovely venue.


1.Latte with oat cookies or cupcakes



This sweet beverage made of coffee and milk will smoothly wake you up while you wait for the rest of your family or friends to join you. Ideal for those who love coffee with sweet flavor and a light touch, try it with our oat cookies made with passion and lots of love… your taste buds will thank you! Don’t forget that you can order your latte with soy milk.



2. Cappuccino with cheesecake



A true expert knows about coffee tones and will love indulging with this hot beverage, and there’s no better place to try it than here; the beans used to create this coffee come from Mexican lands around Veracuz, a state known for its agriculture and coffee.

Our cappuccino captures tones and tastes for even the biggest coffee lovers, and this combination is perfect for any time of day. The Cupcake Café waiters and baristas say that guests often request it to start the day, to get ready before an adventurous excursion, or even at night so they can enjoy a delicious dessert before heading to bed.

Our cheesecake isn’t too simple nor too sweet, which is why it’s the perfect match with cappuccino. We dare you to try it without falling in love… you won’t be able to resist!




3. Mango smoothie with carrot cupcake



Caribbean-style, refreshing and tasteful. That’s how our guests describe this smoothie while enjoying it around 3 pm. Our sunrises, sunsets and moonlit nights are all warm (in an enjoyable way), and our travelers love our hot weather, especially when they can enjoy it with a cold drink. This especially refreshing smoothie is made with mango, grenetine, milk and ice.

Obviously, this is one of the healthiest beverages at our Cupcake Café, which is why we suggest that you pair it with a carrot cupcake. The veggie flavor will allow you to feel light and guilt-free. You’re on vacation, so it’s not about being on a strict diet, but if you’re craving a light snack, an afternoon refresher, or a delicious meal, this is the ideal option.

By the way, mango is our most famous smoothie flavor, but we also have strawberry and chocolate if you want to try something different every day.




4. Chai latte with banana cupcake



It goes without saying that cupcakes are our specialty, but our banana cupcake is especially superb, and quite honestly everyone’s favorite. Who wouldn’t love this fruit with some milk and cream?

Combined with our chai latte tea, this dish is perfect for kids, our European guests, and well, anybody who loves tea. Just like the smoothies, we have several flavors and you can pick your favorite.





 5.Espresso macchiato with cookies



The flavor king. Simple but elegant. The coffee with the purest taste of Mexican beans. One shot or a double of our espresso macchiato will wake you up and will give you the right energy to participate in all the beach activities of our All-Playa Experience, while still relaxing you with its delightful flavor. We recommend pairing it with cookies made from nuts, almonds and blueberries. The combination of strong flavors will have you feeling invigorated during your Playa del Carmen vacation.





6. Coffee frappuccino with chocolate cake



Every person has their own style, and this beverage is a favorite for older kids and many adults. The coffee frappuccino is the perfect dessert… it’s sweet and it’s a great companion while you’re watching the nighttime shows from the Cupcake Café terrace. Without question, chocolate cake is always a good idea, so don’t hesitate to order some to enjoy alongside your coffee Frappuccino made with cream, milk and lots of chocolate chips.





These are some of our best suggestions for when you visit us in Playa del Carmen’s most delicious coffee shop, but of course you can come up with your own combinations. We’re pretty sure our baristas and chefs will be happy to recommend many other great drinks and dishes for your next vacation. We also have some flavored liqueurs (non-alcoholic), a tea bar, and the best neighbor: the Chayita crêperie. We think the beach is probably the only thing that will tempt you away from this area of the resort, with so many delicious choices for the whole family.


Before we forget, let´s invite you to enjoy one of this beverages around the gran Plaza to watch one of the most exclusive shows in Playa del Carmen, only for our guests staying in the hotel,  the view from this delightful terrace is quite amazing.




Another great thing about this spot is how instagramer is. Our guests love this place (just after the beach) to take amazing pictures for their social networks. They get really creative to take lovely photographs in family or selfie style. Give it a try to have the best memories in your cellphone.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 9.43.19 AM



We’re so proud of the Cupcake Café, and at Sandos Playacar it’s a must-try eatery… and quite possibly the most enjoyable one. Don’t forget to share these recommendations with your family and friends!


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