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5 Benefits of Playing Beach Soccer on Your Resort Vacation

Posted on 3 m read

During every World Cup season, soccer becomes a more and more popular sport each day. If you have the chance to watch the games, you’ll feel the rush of adrenaline at every match, and you’re sure to pick a favorite team and support it til the end.

In fact, even though it’s important to see your own country playing in the match, it’s even more important to have fun while watching those 90 minutes of passion and good vibes alongside your friends, or better yet, while you get to know some new people.

Now, watching the game isn’t the only thing you can do. If you choose to take a vacation during the World Cup, you’ll have every opportunity to take the excitement to your own stadium: THE BEACH!




1. You’ll play with people from all over the world



Whether you’re an expert or have never played before, these beach soccer matches will have you surrounded by great energy from all over the world. Playing on the beach is a time to meet a lot of people, and if you’re already in another country, the experience becomes even more amazing because of the new friendships you’ll form and the cultural enrichment you’ll get.

Just imagine passing the ball to an Argentinean then celebrating a goal with a Brazilian… every culture experiences soccer in a very different way, and this is the time to bring everyone together for a really fun international match.



2. Running in the sand is good for your entire body



Ok, so maybe you’re not thinking about fitness on your vacation, but it’s always good to treat your body right.

Beach soccer is an extremely beneficial sport. Just like regular soccer, it gets your legs moving and sets your blood pressure at a good level. Playing on the sand gets your body moving in more difficult ways, which will increase your physical condition. Plus, sand is a great shock absorber, which means no injuries for your body.


3. This will be a new challenge



If you’re already a soccer expert, or even if your play all the time at home, playing soccer in the sand will be a whole new challenge for you. You’ll have to sharpen your skills when playing barefoot; plus, have you ever tried jumping in the sand? It’s not impossible, but it will always be a little slower while the ball keeps its normal speed. Beach soccer is a fun way to practice your skills, increase your talent, and bring out the Messi you have within.


4. Soccer is even better by the ocean!




Everything you do on the beach requires good hydration, and you’ll find a bar near the beach at every Sandos resort, with a bartender preparing everything you need. There’s even a weekly Copacabana party at Sandos Playacar every week so you can enjoy the flavors of Brazil combined with lots of Mexican-style fun. Here, you’ll find relaxation and adrenaline all in one place! If you’re already starting to picture it, just watch this video so you can really fall in love:


5. The atmosphere



All you need is an ocean view and the perfect sand to fully relax. Plus, enjoying the waves, the breeze and the sun helps you to release more endorphins. So no more excuses, the beach is all about benefits. Grab your sunscreen, flip-flops, towels, whatever you want… and LET’S PLAY!



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