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20 Reasons why you should travel to Sandos this 2020

We hope that your 2019 was a great year full of laughter, love, accomplishments, unforgettable memories, but, most importantly, incredible vacations. Even if you didn’t go on vacation last year (Or if you did), that can be your 2020 New Year Resolution: MORE VACATIONS. 

You deserve it, and what better way to start the year off then telling you 20 reasons why you should travel with Sandos this 2020, so buckle in because you are in for a ride! 

1. Locations 

Sandos Hotels are situated in some of the biggest tourist vacation hot spots across Mexico and Spain, located all the way from the jungle of the Riviera Maya to the islands of Spain, wow, right? The able location of each resort is within minutes from local shopping centers and excursion destinations if you also feel like getting off of the resort to adventure! 

2. Beaches 

Not only are Sandos Hotels located in some of the biggest tourist hot spots, but they are also located on some of the most incredible beach destinations in the whole world! Let your toes feel the sun-kissed white-sand Caribbean beach at Sandos Cancun and Sandos Playacar, and let excitement and relaxation harmoniously fall over you! 

3. Local Culture 

One of the best things about traveling with Sandos is experiencing the rich local culture that travelers can get to know on and off the resort! Just like at Sandos Caracol, where guests can experience the ancient Mayan culture through the traditional Mayan Night performances and or by booking the Last Witness Excursion, which allows guests to experience first hand a Mayan community AND hear stories from a Mayan elder! Pretty amazing, right? 

4. Staff

We understand the importance of making a good first impression and continuing that impression the entirety of your vacation! That is why Sandos is proud to say that they have the best staff in Mexico and Spain willing to go to arms length to solidify that your vacation is extraordinary and perfect! 

The Sandos Finisterra housekeeping staff, ready to work on opening day!

5. Food 

Can we just say OMG, the food at Sandos Hotels and Resorts is I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Ranging from international buffets to specialty a la carte restaurants that serve food from across the globe, let’s just say, if you are drooling right now, we understand!  

Also, if you have a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet, there are plenty of substitutes at each Sandos Hotel. Especially at Sandos Cancun as they boast a complete vegan menu at each one of their many restaurants! 

¿Están listos?

6. Cocktails 

 Do you remember that point we made about our staff being the best in all of Mexico and Spain? Well, that includes the bartenders, and let us tell you, we will be surprised if we see you without a cocktail in your hand at any point in your vacation. That’s right, whatever your heart desires, our bartender will make it, and it may even be the best you’ve ever had! Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself! 

7. Pools 

If you aren’t a beach person, or even if you are, the pools at Sandos are the perfect place for relaxing and entertainment! You can enjoy a nice cocktail while you chill by the pool and soak in the good vibes! Especially at anyone of Sandos Cancun’s’ many infinity pools with live DJs playing the perfect rhythm for every mood. 

8. Waterparks 

Yes, you read it right…Waterparks! Imagine sliding down a waterpark in the middle of the jungle as you enjoy thrilling fun while monkeys watch from the trees, now stop imagining and see for yourself at Sandos Caracol! Sandos Caracol boasts a 29-slide water park perfect for EVERY member of the family! 

Sandos Playacar also boasts a children’s waterpark, but don’t worry mom and dad, the infinity pool with a swim-up bar is just steps away, allowing you to enjoy a nice cocktail AND keep an eye on the kids! 

9. Activities 

If you are a person that likes to stay active through fun games and activities, you are in luck! Why? Well, because each one of Sandos Hotels boasts grand and extensive activities programs perfect for having fun and meeting new people from around the world! Should we tell the entertainment team you are on the way? 

10. Nature

Ok so picture this, you are floating along in a crystal clear water cenote, and a turtle swims right underneath you, or you are walking on a path in the jungle and a monkey swings over you, now picturing scaling down a cliff wall in the San Blas Environmental Reserve or kayaking on an on-site lake, are you picturing it? Well, travel to Sandos Caracol in Mexico or Sandos San Blas in Spain, and that’s exactly what you will get. 

11. Scenery

If you love incredible views as much as we do, you are definitely going to want to check out Sandos Finisterra in 2020! As the sun sets upon Los Cabos, guests at Sandos Finisterra witness an absolutely breathtaking view as the sun falls across the mountainside. Guests can enjoy incredible views just like this as they dine in one of the best restaurants on the resort or even as they indulge in a relaxing spa session. Speaking about the Spa…

12. Wellness

Need a spa day but don’t want just any old regular spa day? Well, it’s time to pack your bags because Sandos has top class spas and trust us; you are not going to want to miss out on them! Whether it be a unique treatment at the mountainside spa at Sandos Finisterra, a massage in the jungle at Sandos Caracol, or a facial overlooking the Caribbean Sea at Sandos Playacar, all are the perfect option for a day at the spa with friends, your special someone, and even the kids! 

13. Fitness 

Wanna keep fit during your vacation? Well, we think Sandos Cancun is the perfect place for you! With a top-class spa and fitness center boasting new exercise equipment, unique treatments, and state of the art facilities, keeping fit is made easier and fun! 

Also, with a full vegan menu at each restaurant and a special juice bar, it’s easy to keep to your food preferences without straying away from them at all! 

14. Music 

Everyone of Sandos hotels has DJs ready to keep the good vibes rolling at the beach, the pool, and the night time parties! But if you are looking for a resort that offers music in every corner of the hotel, Sandos Benidorm is perfect for you! Get ready to rock and roll into vacation and keep the good times going through incredible shows and performances! 

15. Atmosphere

Through a mix of pools, incredible beaches, and professional DJ’s, the atmosphere is always popping at Sandos, as the cocktails flow and the good times roll in, you will find yourself never wanting to leave! Remember, there will be a lot of travelers from around the world just like you, wanting to have an amazing time, meet some new friends and keep the party going! 

16. Weddings 

Are you one of the lucky people getting married in 2020? Well, stop everything you’re doing because a wedding at Sandos is indescribable! Say I DO on a cenote, on a beautiful white sand beach, or on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It’s your special day; just tell the Sandos Wedding Representatives what you are dreaming of, and they will make it happen! Check out their packages here:  

Sandos Caracol

17. Meet new people  

As we mentioned before, you will be vacationing alongside people traveling from all around the world, and what better way to maximize your vacation experience than making new friends? As they always say, let the new year bring more friends, and let it happen at Sandos Hotels and Resorts! 

18. Mexico

From the beautiful Caribbean Sea and white sands to the jungle of the Riviera Maya to the mountainside of Los Cabos, every detail of Mexico is brought together perfectly through food, performances, activities, and incredible new experiences! Indulge in every beautiful thing this breathtaking country has to offer you and fall in love with its culture! 

19. Spain 

Experience the best of this historical country in the most exclusive spots! Let Spain take you over as it shows you what makes it so wonderful through exciting adventures and unforgettable moments. Live an unforgettable vacation and choose the perfect Spain getaway this 2020, we promise you won’t regret it! 

20. To spend quality time with the ones you love most. 

Lastly, and probably the most important. You should travel with Sandos this year because they have the perfect places so that you and your family can take a well-deserved break and spend time with each other without worrying about a thing. You deserve some time where you and the ones you love can let go of the stresses of everyday life and just sink into complete fun and relaxation! 

Be bold this 2020 and take charge! This new year make time for the ones you love most in the best locations in Mexico and Spain with incredible amenities, unforgettable moments, and new experiences! Don’t let this year be “regular,” let it be extraordinary, dream big, and travel with Sandos! 

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